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Xsolla – Your Personal Payment Team - I-Newswire

Xsolla – Your Personal Payment Team - I-Newswire

Create Multiple

Create Multiple LinksYour Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.comChoose parameters for the payment optionsyou would like to addSpecify:– region– country– type of payment option– currency– commission– statusGet Links for Every Payment OptionFitting Your Requirements

Direct Payment APIYour Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.comAPI to add any Xsolla payment optioninto Your billing interface:PaymentOptionButtonin the gameDirectPayment APIto createthe linkPaymentOptioncheckoutweb pageXsollaback endVirtualCurrency APIto fund user'saccountAll parameters, including:amount of virtual currency; payment amount; account IDadditional parameters:e-mail, phone, localization language, currency, etc.are sent directly to the payment options check-out page

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