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On Fundamental Groups of Galois Closures of Generic Projections

On Fundamental Groups of Galois Closures of Generic Projections

where ¯δ ′ denotes

where ¯δ ′ denotes the image of δ ′ in H 1 (X aff ).Using Theorem 6.2 we know that there is an embeddingH 1 (X affgal )/ ¯C aff ↩→ H 1 (X aff ) nthat sends δ ′ to (¯δ ′ , ..., ¯δ ′ ) by Proposition 6.5. The image of this homomorphismequals the subgroup given by (written multiplicatively){(x 1 , ..., x n ) |n∏x i = 1}i=1and is abstractly isomorphic to H 1 (X aff ) n−1 by Corollary 3.5. This isomorphismis given by projecting onto the last n − 1 factors of H 1 (X aff ) n . The element δ ′maps to (¯δ ′ , ..., ¯δ ′ ) (n − 1 factors) under this projection.So we conclude that H 1 (X gal ) is isomorphic to the quotient of H 1 (X aff ) n−1by the subgroup generated by (¯δ ′ , ..., ¯δ ′ ) in it. Since the quotient H 1 (X aff ) bythe subgroup generated by ¯δ ′ is isomorphic to H 1 (X) the result follows from thefollowing lemma.□Lemma 6.7 Let G be an abelian group and N be a subgroup. Let n ≥ 2 be anatural number. We let ∆ : G → G n be the diagonal embedding of G into G ngiven by g ↦→ (g, ..., g). Then there exists a non-canonical isomorphismG n /∆(N) ∼ = G n−1 × G/N.PROOF.We define the map (written multiplicatively)ψ 1 : G n → G n−1(g 1 , ..., g n ) ↦→ (g 2 g1 −1 , ..., g n g1 −1 ).Since G is abelian this defines a homomorphism of groups. The kernel of ψ 1 isequal to the diagonal embedding ∆(G) of G inside G n .We denote by ψ 2 : G → G/N be the natural quotient map. Then the kernel ofthe homomorphismψ : G n → G n−1 × G/N⃗g = (g 1 , ..., g n ) ↦→ (ψ 1 (⃗g) , ψ 2 (g 1 ))is equal to ∆(G) ∩ (N × G n−1 ) = ∆(N). We leave it to the reader to showsurjectivity.We finally note that we have somehow “favoured“ the first component whenwe constructed this isomorphism and this is what destroyed the symmetry. □74

Remark 6.8 Proposition 6.5 shows us that π top1 (X gal )/C proj is the quotient of˜K(π top1 (X aff ), n) by the cyclic group ∆(〈δ〉).From this we see that the natural surjectionπ top1 (X gal )/C proj ∼ top = ˜K(π 1 (X aff ), n)/∆(〈δ〉)top↠ ˜K(π1 (X aff )/〈δ ′ 〉, n) ∼ top = ˜K(π 1 (X), n)given by Theorem 4.7 need not be an isomorphism for projective surfaces. In fact,Proposition 7.1 gives us an example where this is not the case.6.4 Generic projections from simply connected surfacesWe start with a result that should be well-known but the author could not find areference for it.Proposition 6.9 Let X be smooth projective surface that is simply connected. LetD be an smooth and ample divisor on X.Let d be the maximumd(L) := max{m | ∃M, M ⊗m ∼ = L}Then d(L) exists (i.e. there is a finite maximum) and there is an isomorphismπ top1 (X − D) ∼ = ¡ d(L).In particular, this group is always a finite cyclic group.PROOF. By a theorem of Nori [N, Corollary 2.5] we know that π top1 (X − D) isabelian.But since D is smooth and irreducible (ample implies connected and beingconnected and smooth implies irreducible) every cover branched along D is acyclic Galois cover. Such a cover of order c is given by a line bundle F and anisomorphism F ⊗c ∼ = O X (D).On the other hand, π top1 (X−D) is a finitely generated group and with maximalfinite ¡ quotient d where d = d(L) as defined above.To see that d is actually a well-defined and finite number we consider the longexact cohomology sequence associated to the exponential sequence:... → H 1 (X, ¡ ) → H 1 (X, O X ) → H 1 (X, O ∗ X)} {{ }∼= Pic(X)c 1→ H 2 (X, ¡ ) → ...Since X is simply connected its first Betti number vanishes and so we concludefrom Hodge theory that H 1 (X, O X ) = 0. Hence the map c 1 : Pic(X) →75

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