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The Banking on Health Project - (SHOPS) project

The Banking on Health Project - (SHOPS) project


Health Outcomesong>Theong> ultimate objective of ong>Bankingong> on Health is to achieve positivehealth impacts. By improving access to financing, the project:l Improves the financial viability of private health care businessesl Expands the range of services and products offered by private health carebusinesses to include reproductive health and family planning servicesl Extends private services to underserved and hard-to-reach communitiesl Improves quality of care by upgrading facilities, capacity, or commodity supplies

Backgroundong>Bankingong> on Health is a five-year global project funded by the United States Agency forInternational Development (USAID) Office of Population and Reproductive Health (PRH),Service Delivery Improvement Division (SDI). It is Task Order 2 under USAID’s PrivateSector Program (PSP) Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC). ong>Bankingong> on Health beganoperations in 2004 with the objective of improving the ability of private health sectorbusinesses to access credit, thereby expanding their capacity to deliver high-qualityreproductive health and family planning services. In addition to designing and implementinginterventions, the ong>Bankingong> on Health Project works with USAID missions andother health sector projects to identify how access to financing in the private sector cancomplement broader reproductive health strategies. ong>Bankingong> on Health also undertakesresearch and disseminates findings on how access to financing improves reproductivehealth outcomes.Our Partnersong>Theong> ong>Bankingong> on Health Project is implemented by Abt Associates in association with itspartners Banyan Global, ACDI/VOCA, Bitran & Asociados, and IntraHealth International.To learn more about the ong>Bankingong> on Health Project, please contact:ong>Theong> ong>Bankingong> on Health Project4800 Montgomery LaneSuite 600Bethesda, MD 20814Meaghan Smith, Directorbankingonhealth@abtassoc.comVisit to downloadcurrent publications or learn more about theong>Bankingong> on Health Project.Chryssa Panoussiadou for Panos

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