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Eurogas Roadmap 2050 - summary

Eurogas Roadmap 2050 - summary


600500400356Primary Energy Consumpon in EU 27 -Eurogas RoadmapNatural Gas54452247421 281061144624033Bcm300200340120210152112861000140162203 191631990 2010 2030 2050Power generaon Residenal & Services Industry Transport Others**including district heang, raw material and energy branchGas therefore opens up options for a Europeanenergy future that requires progress to a lowcarboneconomy. The balance between zerocarbonrenewables and CCS in the far distantfuture is unknown today. By investing in gas,there is an option to go in either direction inthe longer term, i.e. to go in whichever directiontechnology and economics may point atthe time. And in doing so, immediate reductionsin emissions can be achieved today bysubstituting gas for higher carbon fuels andby adopting equipment that improves theefficiency with which energy is used.The European gas industry is stronglycommitted to working in the direction outlinedin this Roadmap. To ensure that naturalgas can deliver its potential contribution,the industry needs a stable and predictablepolicy framework that encourages investment.Alongside the penetration of new technologies,there is a large potential for complementaryand supportive development of natural gasand zero-carbon renewables.

1009010022GHG emissions*Eurogas Roadmap (1990 : 100)898070192880605040181316541957302010040321990 2010 2030 2050Power Generaon Residenal & Services Industry Transport Baseline*The study addressed energy related CO 2 emissions by sector. Industrial processes and agriculture have not beenconsidered.101114187353This study provides a route that represents a natural strategy for attainingEurope’s energy and climate goals. A pragmatic, economical and feasible roadmapfor a sustainable energy future has to be based on a large role for natural gas.As this study proposes a prospective scenario compliant with the implementation of the 2050 GHG targets,it does not pretend to be a forecast exercise such as the Eurogas “Long term outlook for gas demand andsupply 2007-2030”, which is based on a country-by-country approach.A detailed explanatory note on the Eurogas Roadmap 2050 can be found on

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