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Energy Technology Perspectives 2008 - Enea

Energy Technology Perspectives 2008 - Enea

Cost of Emissions

Cost of Emissions ReductionsTechnologyPessimismENERGYTECHNOLOGYPERSPECTIVES2 0 0 8TechnologyOptimismScenarios &Strategiesto 2050To bring emissions back to current levels by 2050 options with acost up to USD 50/t are needed. Reducing emissions by 50%would require options with a cost up to USD 200/t, possibly evenup to USD 500/t CO 2In support of the G8 Plan of Action © OECD/IEA - 2008INTERNATIONALENERGYAGENCY

Key Technology Options(Roadmaps)87% of emissions reduction in BLUE Map• Supply side‣ CCS powergeneration‣ Coal – IGCC‣ Coal – USCSC‣ Nuclear III + IV‣ Solar – PV‣ Solar – CSP‣ Wind‣ Biomass – IGCC &co-combustion‣ 2 nd generationbiofuels• Demand side‣ Energy efficiency inbuildings‣ Energy efficientmotor systems‣ Efficient ICEs‣ Heat pumps‣ Plug-ins and electricvehicles‣ Fuel cell vehicles‣ Industrial CCS‣ Solar heatingENERGYTECHNOLOGYPERSPECTIVES2 0 0 8Scenarios &Strategiesto 2050INTERNATIONALENERGYIn support of the G8 Plan of Action © OECD/IEA - 2008AGENCY

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