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Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka

Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka

FOREWORDThe geospatial

FOREWORDThe geospatial database generated by using the cutting edge technologies of RemoteSensing, GIS and DGPS is increasingly being used by several state and central departments formanagement of natural resources in a scientific manner for meeting the ever increasing demandfor land and water resources so as to prevent environmental degradation. I am happy to notethat KSRSAC has achieved a pivotal position in harnessing of geoinformatics technology tofacilitate generation and updation of the information on natural resources, urban infrastructureand other allied fields in real time in spatial format in a cost effective manner.The Centre is vigorously pursuing the generation of geospatial data through severalprojects sponsored and funded by the state and central departments in the areas of agriculture,forestry, water resources, watershed development, urban infrastructure and planning. Thedemand for geospatial data for decision support is increasing manifold because of theavailability of data in spatial format for local specific planning. It has an immense potential tosolve various issues pertaining to resource conservation and management, urban planning,watershed management, coastal and wetland management. It is gratifying to see that KSRSACis contributing significantly in bringing about an awareness among planners, administrators anddecision makers on the importance of geospatial database for preparing developmental plans.The organization of one day conference on “Karnataka Geospatial Database” for linedepartments of state and central government officials is a testimony of the efforts being made byKSRSAC in dissemination of geospatial data for planning both at macro and micro level.I wish the Director and other scientists my best wishes for the future endeavours of theKarnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centre.Shri. Ashok Kumar C. ManoliPrincipal Secretary to Govt.Dept. of IT, BT and S&T, GoK /Chairman, KSRSAC

PREFACEIt is heartening to note that the Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centrehas taken up several projects in diverse fields such as Natural Resource Inventory, UrbanInfrastructure and Planning, Cadastral Referenced Land Records using Remote Sensing, GIS,GPS and DGPS and disseminated the geospatial data generated for use by the linedepartments for planning, monitoring and assessment of different developmental projects. Thiscould be achieved through the relentless work being carried out by about 200 scientists/ projectscientists and consultants with expertise in multidisciplinary fields of specialization. Severalprojects were completed, many are on-going and a few new project proposals were made andsubmitted for funding to the State and Central agencies. Many scientists participated in severalnational and state level conferences/symposia/workshops and presented papers.The KSRSAC has been designated as nodal agency for generating and disseminatingthe use of geospatial database effectively for planning, monitoring and assessment ofdevelopmental programmes in the state. I am indeed happy to note that the KSRSAC is highlysuccessful in this endevour which could be seen in ever increasing demand for the geospatialdata from several user departments. The Remote Sensing and GIS techniques further help inintegrating the spatial and attribute data its retrieval and updation as and when required.The geospatial data generated at KSRSAC on natural resources, urban infrastructureand planning is not only used by the state and central government departments but also by theenterpreuners and NGO's in planning developmental projects which indicates the importance ofgeospatial data as an effective tool for sustained development and economic well being of thepeople.Further, I assure that KSRAC would continue to make valuable contribution for faster andequitable growth of the state. I thank all my colleagues for their untiring efforts in puttingKSRSAC in the forefront for bringing an awareness in the use of remote sensing and GIStechnology by the user departments for preparing developmental plans that help in sustainabledevelopment.D. K. PrabhurajDirector

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