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Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka

Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka


Annual Report 2010-111 INTRODUCTIONRecognizing the importance of the cutting edge technologies like Remote Sensing,GIS and DGPS in solving many issues of planning, development and management of naturalresources for equitable growth on a sustainable basis, the Govt. of Karnataka has establishedthe Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centre in the year 1986 and designatedas Nodal Agency for implementation of RS and GIS programmes in the State. Over the pasttwo and half decades, KSRSAC has generated voluminous geospatial database of naturalresources such as soil and land resources, watersheds, land use/land cover, forest, groundwater prospects, water resources, urban infrastructure, wetlands, coastal zones etc. usingsatellite remote sensing and GIS techniques. The database generated at both macro andmicro levels has been made available to all line departments of both the state and centralGovt.’s for preparing developmental plans at various levels for sustained development.The Geographical Information System will be the workhorse for dealing with both spatialand non-spatial data. It offers efficient utilities for handling both these data sets and allows fororganization and integration of spatial data and non-spatial data sets as attributes of the spatialfeatures, integrated analysis and transformation for generating information in specific formats.The Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centre is carrying many projects forLine Departments such as Mines & Geology, Forest, Agriculture, Water Resources, UndergroundWater Prospects, Watershed Development, Urban Infrastructure, Rural Development andPanchayat Raj, Town Planning, Ecology and Environment, Horticulture, Sericulture, BBMP,Lake Development Authority etc. Apart from these, the Centre is also carrying out NationalMission Mode Projects on several themes.As part of human resources development, the Centre is conducting several trainingprogrammes in Remote Sensing and GIS for officers of various Govt. Departments. TheKSRSAC is running a post-graduate degree programme in Geo-informatics in association withVisveswaraya Technological University (VTU), Belgaum.KSRSAC at present is vigorously pursuing the generation of geospatial database ofnatural resources at parcel/survey number level using submetre level satellite data for farmlevel planning at watershed or village level.1

Annual Report 2010-112 OBJECTIVESKSRSAC was established in the year 1989 to harness the applications of frontiertechnologies like Remote Sensing, GIS, Photogrammetry and GPS for sustainable developmentand management of natural resources in the State. The mandate of the Centre is as follows:a) To act as the nodal agency in the state for all remote sensing activities,b) To assist user departments / organizations / agencies in the implementation of remotesensing survey results and to evaluate their utility,c) To develop an efficient data acquisition and retrieval system and to act as repository(data bank) of various natural resources data relating to remote sensing applications ofrelevance to the State,d) To assess the remote sensing application needs of various departments and developmentalsectors of the state and to coordinate the remotely sensed data requirements of the state,e) To establish, maintain and provide for use by various departments / organizations /agencies in the state, the centralized visual as well as digital remote sensing data analysis/ interpretation facilities,f) To acquire and maintain a library of relevant remotely sensed data for the state ofKarnataka,g) To assist and provide consultancy services to user departments / agencies in applicationsareas, selection and procurement of data products, devising appropriate methodologiesfor execution of projects etc,h) To undertake and coordinate short and long term remote sensing surveys/ applicationprojects in various resources / developmental areas,i) To interact, liaise, cooperate and collaborate with the Indian Space Research Organization,Dept. of Space, Govt. of India and their various branches besides other National andInternational Organizations in the field of remote sensing and allied disciplines,j) To organize training facilities, lectures, seminars, workshops and symposia for promotionof remote sensing technology and its applications,k) To bring awareness amongst the planners and decision makers on the role of remotesensing technology in efficient management of natural resources,l) To publish and disseminate the results of remote sensing based investigations carried outby the Centre,m) To acquire and maintain a library of relevant thematic maps and ground truth data,n) To undertake, promote, guide, coordinate and aid research and development in the fieldof remote sensing.2

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