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Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka

Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka


Annual Report 2010-115 INFRASTRUCTURE AND FACILITIES5.1 Geo-Informatics LaboratoriesThe state-of-the-art Geo-informatics Laboratories set-up at the Head Office, Bangaloreand Regional Centers at Mysore and Gulbarga by KSRSAC have been strengthened furtherby adding additional hardware and softwares. Hence, it is possible to generate geospatialdatabase with good precision and accuracy for many projects in a stipulated time.In order to make available the naturalresource database easily to the State leveldecision making authorities, the Directorate ofKSRSAC is currently located in Multi- storiedBuilding, Dr B. R. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore.KSRSAC is also rendering its services from otheroffices in Bangalore such as DSERT campus inBanashankari, BBMP office located in HudsonCircle, Office of the Director of Mines & Geologyin Khanija Bhavan in Race Course Road andRRSC-South, Marathahalli.5.2 Soil Analytical LaboratoryThe Soil Analytical Laboratory at Karnataka State Sericulture Research andDevelopment Institute, Thalaghattapura Campus is equipped with analytical instruments suchas Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Distilled Water Units and otherperipherals. The Laboratory isbeing upgraded at regular intervalsby providing new infrastructuralfacilities and instruments. Soilsamples collected from variouslocations in the State under variousprojects have been analyzed in theLab. The soil samples collected atparcel level and soil profile samplescollected in Bellary district underIntegrated Resource DevelopmentProject are being analyzed atpresent.5

Annual Report 2010-115.3 Photogrammetric LaboratoryPhotogrammetric Laboratory established at KSRSAC in 2008 was upgraded withadditional softwares and hardwares.5.4 Geospatial Data CentreThe use of geospatial database of natural resources generated using geoinformaticstechnique has proved a valuable management and decision-making tool which ensuresoptimum use of the resources by following appropriate management practices.KSRSAC has procured satellite images both in soft and hard copy formats for generationof geospatial database under various projects from National Remote Sensing Centre,Hyderabad. Data base related to land use / land cover, waste land, forest, geomorphology,ground water prospects zones, soil and land resources, drainage, watersheds & microwatersheds,salinity & alkalinity affected zones etc. generated by using these satellite imagesare archived in the Centre. .5.5 LibraryKSRSAC library has dual collection of literature on Remote Sensing, GeographicInformation System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Photogrammetry, Digital ImageProcessing, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Management, Statistical Concepts,Database Management System, Computational Intelligence, Large Scale Mapping and FacilityManagement, Geology and Coastal Zone Management under Departmental library and M.Tech library. The overall collection of books and reference materials viz., Reports, Reprints,Encyclopedia is over 1000. The staff of KSRSAC and the PG students have been provided withinternet facility to facilitate e-learning. That apart, xeroxing and printing facility are accessible tothe staff members.6 HUMAN RESOURCESHuman resource component forms the crucial and decisive input in geoinformaticsprojects. Generation of geospatial database requires the services of highly specializedmanpower trained in harnessing the potentials of geoinformatics. In order to work in variousprojects taken-up in association with the Line Departments, KSRSAC has developed a talentpool with domain expertise in harnessing the potentials of frontier technologies like RemoteSensing, GIS and GPS.There are more than 260 professionals drawn from multidisciplinary fields ofspecialization like Geoinformatics, Geology, Hydrogeology, Soil, Water Resources, Agriculture,Environmental Management, Coastal Zone Management, Fisheries, Forestry,6

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