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Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka

Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka


Annual Report 2010-11spatial database of urban land use,surface water bodies, drainage, canals,transport network, geology and soil on1:10,000 scale using Cartosat 1 and LISSIV merged data to meet the requirementfor urban planning, management andgovernance.The Centre has completed themapping work of five towns of Goa Stateand seven towns of Karnataka andsubmitted the same to National RemoteSensing Centre, Hyderabad.7.3 Integrated watershed Management Programme (IWMP) for WatershedDevelopment Department, GoKThe project was sponsored and fundedby Watershed Development Department,GoK, with the objective of preparingcadastral referenced micro watershedmaps under IWMP for 27 districtscovering 119 sub watersheds (976 microwatersheds) in the state at 1:7920 scaleand to generate thematic maps of land use/ land cover, soil, slope, drainage, waterbodies, hydro geomorphology and groundwater prospects for all the 976 microwatersheds. Prepared cadastral referenced micro watershed maps and all the thematic mapson 1:7920 scale and the same were submitted to the District Watershed Development Officers.7.4 Land Resource Information System (LRIS) for Mysore DistrictLRIS project was initiated as acollaborative programme between Dept. ofInformation Technology, GOI, Survey of India(SOI) and Govt. of Karnataka. The LandResources Information System (LRIS) is builtusing the spatial Cadastral maps, thematicinformation (present land use/land cover, hydrogeomorphology,soil,groundwater prospects)derived from Quick Bird satellite data on1:4,000 scale and other non-spatial collateral9

Annual Report 2010-11data pertaining to Census, Civic amenities etc. The data base created consists of both spatialand non-spatial data in a single digital platform which can be easily retrieved and updated. Itwill cater to the needs of planners and decision-makers in their day-to-day activities. The talukwise project reports have been completed and submitted to the Deputy Commissioner, MysoreDistrict. The final project report was released during the State Level Seminar on “KarnatakaGeospatial Database” held at Bangalore on December 28, 2010.7.5 Crop Acreage and Production Estimation in Four Villages of Karnatakaunder Vaidyanathan Committee (Pilot Project)The major objective of this pilotproject was to estimate the croparea using satellite remote sensingtechniques and comparing the croparea statistics with the conventionalmethod of Department of Economicsand Statistics. The area selectedfor the study was one village eachThyavadahalli in Mandya, Mudubalin Gulbarga, Badanidiyur in Udupiand Bellur in Chikamagalur district ofKarnataka.The study was completed for two villages in Mandya and Udupi districts and the project reportwas submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, GoI. For the other two villages in Gulbarga andChikmagalur districts, the project could not be completed because of the non-availability ofcloud-free satellite data.7.6 Coffee Plantation Acreage Estimation using Remote Sensing and GISTechniques in Sakaleshpura taluk – A pilot studyThe objective of the pilot project wasestimation of area under coffee plantationusing remote sensing and GIS techniquesin Sakelshpura taluk. The Cartosat andLISS IV (5.8 m resolution) satellite data wasused and digital classification was doneusing standard image analysis techniques.The maps and the final project report wassubmitted to the Coffee Board.10

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