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Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka

Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka


Annual Report 2010-11Urban Local Bodies of Karnataka in the eight districts namely Bijapur, Chamarajanagara,Hassan, Haveri, Kolar, Koppal, Uttara Kannada and Dakshina Kannada.On-screan image interpretation of satellite data and ground truth survey was done tocreate thematic maps and these theme layer data was analysed using GIS for identifyingsuitable sites for dumping municipal solid waste. The project completed, maps and databasefor all eight districts were submitted to the Directorate of Municipal Administration.7.12 Land Use/Land Cover Mapping of Gundia Hydro-electric Power ProjectAreaThe project was sponsored by theKarnataka Power Corporation Ltd. withan objective of identifying the areas offorest that are going to be submergedas specified by the Enquiry Committeeconstituted by the Ministry of Forest andEnvironment, Govt. of India using satellitedata.Image interpretation for land use/landcover and ground truth survey was donefor Gundia project area and the vulnerable areas that are going to be submerged were identified.The maps and reports were submitted to the Karnataka Power Corporation Limited.7.13 Mining Leases Mapping using DGPS Survey as per IBM requirementsThe project was sponsoredby the Mysore Minerals, HuttiGold Mines and ThungabadraMinerals for mapping miningleases in Karnataka usinghigh resolution satellite dataand DGPS Survey followingthe norms of Indian Bureau ofMines. The work was completedand the maps and reports weresubmitted to the respectiveagencies.13

Annual Report 2010-118 ONGOING PROJECTS8.1 Land Records Database (LRD)Objective of the project is to create digital database of Cadastral maps. Although thevillages are 30,662, there are 33,891 maps as per Survey Settlement and Land Records(SSLR). 32,285 maps have been scanned, digitized and submitted to SSLR for corrections.Out of which, 31,526 maps have been received from SSLR after corrections. After correction,15,710 maps have been resubmitted to SSLR, of which 1000 maps have been certified.8.2 GIS based Digital Cadastral Database Generation for Karnataka StateAn agrarian State like Karnataka (about 70% of population depends on agriculture) withlarge geographical area, no doubt requires cadastral information along with remote sensingbased spatial information to develop theregions in a more scientific and rationalway, as the state experiences frequentdroughts due to vagaries of monsooncoupled with large arid regions. Thedatabase will be helpful for all theLine Departments of the State for theirregular planning of developmentalworks. Hence, the project “GIS basedDigital Cadastral Database Generationfor Karnataka State” has been taken upso as to support the developmental planning. The geo-referencing of Cadastral maps withhigh- resolution satellite data is being done as the cadastre lacks any projection which willenable to create seamless mosaics of all the villages. The project has been initiated with thefunding from ISRO, Govt. of India and Govt. of Karnataka. The major objective of the project isto create Cadastral Information System in GIS domain by referencing with natural and artificialfeatures derived from NRIS database. Scanning and digitization completed. Geo-referencing,taluk level mosaicking and internal quality check is under progress.8.3 Mapping of Hassan Town using Quick Bird Satellite DataHaphazard and unplanned urban growth is directly related to population growth,industrial development, high building densities, and lack of control on land uses, minimal openspace, deteriorating environment and the poor quality of life of urbanites. Further, increasingpollution, conflicting land use patterns, traffic congestion, resources constraint, uncheckedmigration of people from villages also contribute to the chaotic condition of the cities of today.Thus, proper management of urban areas require vital information to be available on a regularbasis to urban planners and urban administrators viz., urban sprawl, urban land use, urban14

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