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Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka

Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka


Annual Report 2010-11demography, environment, transportation, housing, water supply and sanitation, solid waste,service facilities, energy needs and so on. The purpose of this project is to prepare topographicalurban land use maps at large scale (1:5,000) of Hassan town and environs by adopting remotesensing techniques.The Centre has procuredthe Quick bird satellite datafor Hassan town. GCPs werecollected for the town usingDifferential Global PositioningSystem (DGPS). Using this data,geo-referencing of the satellitedata was completed. The featureextraction of the land use mapwas completed. Both internal andexternal quality check was carriedout and the map was submitted to the Department of Town and Country Planning. The Dept.after verifying the maps suggested some corrections to be incorporated. The suggestions wereincorporated and final maps were submitted to Department of Town and Country Planning.8.4 Mapping of Karwar Town using Aerial Photogrammetry MethodUnplanned and haphazard urban growth is related to population growth, industrialdevelopment, high density buildings,lack of open space, deterioratingenvironment and the poor quality of lifeof urbanites, increasing pollution, trafficcongestion and unchecked migrationof people from villages contribute to thechaotic condition of cities of today. So,proper management of urban areasrequire information to be available ona regular basis to urban planners andadministrators.The main objective of this project was to prepare topographical maps of Karwar town atlarge scale (1:2000 scale) by adopting photogrammetric method using aerial photograph. Themethodology involves triangulation using control points and DGPS data, feature digitizationin 3D using Stereo Analyst Module, Creation of DTM, Break lines and contour generationcompleted. Internal Quality check is under progress.15

Annual Report 2010-118.5 Digital Database of Mining Leased Areas of Bellary District, KarnatakaBellary district has the largest area under mining at present in Karnataka. The Centrehas already prepared an inventory of mining areas in Karnataka using satellite images. The highresolution satellite data would be useful formonitoring mining activities in the principalmining districts like Bellary, Chitradurga andTumkur. The mapping of mining areas inBellary District has been taken up and theprocurement and processing (DGPS Surveyand Geo-referencing) of high resolutionsatellite imagery (Quick Bird Image) hasbeen completed. The Geo-referencing ofmining lease boundaries and creation ofGeospatial data base was also completed.The data base, maps and reports have beensubmitted to the Department of Mines andGeology for verification and final approval.8.6 Integrated Resource Development Project for Bellary DistrictThe project is sponsored by the Department of IT, BT and S&T, Govt. of Karnatakawith the objective of generating natural resource information viz. soil and land resources, landuse/land cover, geology, geomorphology, water resources etc. on 1:4000 scale using highresolution QuickBird satellite data to develop Land Resources Information System (LRIS)under GIS domain.DGPS survey of the district was carried out and the data was used for Geo-referencingof QuickBird satellite image. The Geo-referencing of QuickBird image has been completed.8.7 Geomorphology and Lineament Mapping of KarnatakaThe project is sponsored by theNational Remote Sensing Centre, ISRO,Govt. of India with an objective of preparinggeomorphology and lineaments maps on1:50000 scale using IRS LISS – III satellitedata under Natural Resource CensusMission project.On-screen image interpretation forgeomorphology and lineaments (geology),16

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