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Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka

Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka


Annual Report 2010-11●●●●●●●●●●●●Shri Shashidhar K and Shri Harish N.B attended the Training Courses on Ground WaterDevelopment and Management for State Government Organizations at Bangalore from20th to 24th December, 2012.Dr. D.K.Prabhuraj, Dr. V.Shreedhara, Dr. K.Ashoka Reddy, Dr. B.P.Lakshmikantha and SriB.G.Hanumantharaju – Karnataka Geospatial Database Conference.Shri C.R.Francis and Project Scientists attended the course on Geo-informatics for Urbanand Rural Mapping at Uppal, Hyderabad on 13.01.2011.Dr. B.P.Lakshmikantha & Dr. K.Ashoka Reddy, Scientists attended one-day workshop onGRIHA – India’s National Rating System for Green Buildings at Bangalore on 25.02.2011Dr. B.P.Lakshmikantha & Dr. K.Ashoka Reddy attended National Seminar on KSLUBon Land use Planning for Rainfed Agriculture at Thiruvananthapuram from 22nd to 23rdMarch, 2011Shri C.R. Francis and Project Scientists attended orientation Training Programmes underRGNDWM Project at NRSC, Hyderabad from 23rd to 24th June, 2011.17 PAPERS PRESENTED AT CONFERENCE/ SEMINAR/WORKSHOP1. Dr. V. Shreedhara presented a paper on Identification of suitable landfill sites for dumpingmunicipal solid wastes in the urban local bodies of Karnataka State using Geo-spatialtechnology held at Yavanika, Bangalore on 28 December, 2010.2. Dr. B.P. Lakshmikantha presented a paper on Change detection of lakes under BBMPusing RS and GIS held at Yavanika, Bangalore on 28 December, 2010.3. Shri Vinayakumar presented a paper on GIS based crime analysis and report engine heldat Yavanika, Bangalore on 28 December, 2010.4. Shri. C.R.Francis presented a paper on Utilization of satellite imageries and GIS fordevelopment of Hyderabad Karnataka held at Yavanika, Bangalore on 28 December, 2010.5. Shri C.S.Harindranath presented a paper on Geospatial database for soil and landmanagement held at Yavanika, Bangalore on 28 December, 2010.6. Shri N.Vijay Kumar presented a paper on Geospatial database for forest resources held atYavanika, Bangalore on 28 December, 2010.25

Annual Report 2010-1118 MILESTONE2010 December 28, 2010 Silver Jubilee Celebration Curtain raiser -one day seminaron “Karnataka Geospatial Database”2010 Release of Land Re sources Information System Report Mysore on December28, 20102008 Establishment of Photogrammetric Laboratory at KSRSAC2008 Mr. Mahesh Kumar T, of 2006 -08 batch of M.Tech Geoinformatics of KSRSACsecured 1 st Rank and Gold Medal from VTU, Belgaum for the year 2008-092007 Release of Report on State Natural Resources Information System (SNRIS)2007 Completed all themes for Sindhuvalli Gramapanchayat under LRIS for MysoreDistrict and made a presentation2006 Approval of NRIS database by Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad2005 Release of Watershed Atlas of Karnataka (Sub, Mini and Micro-watersheds)2005 Establishment of Regional Centre at Gulbarga2005 Establishment of KSRSAC Regional Center for Geoinformatics at Mysore2004 Establishment of Soil Laboratory2004 MOU with VTU to start M.Tech. (Geoinformatics)post-graduate programme2003 Permission accorded by the Ministry of Defence to start Photogrammetric Unit2003 Establishment of Digital Image Processing Unit and Geo-Informatics Laboratory2002 Identified as Nodal Agency for coordinating remote sensing and GIS activities inthe State2001 Initiation of satellite telecommunication programmes2001 KSRSAC delivered its first software product to DPAR2001 MOU signed between GOK and ISRO19 RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT (RTI)The Particulars of Its Organization, Functions and DutiesThe Government of Karnataka established Karnataka State Remote SensingApplications Centre (KSRSAC) in the year 1989 with an objective to undertake and assistLine Departments in carrying out remote sensing and GIS based activities related to naturalresources and urban mapping as well as to provide inputs for planning and decision making.At present, KSRSAC is functioning under the Department of Information Technology &Biotechnology, GOK as an autonomous organization. Realizing the potentials of remote sensingand GIS techniques, KSRSAC has been designated as the Nodal Agency for implementationof GIS and Remote Sensing (including Photogrammetry) activities vide G.O. No. ITD 28 MIS2002, Bangalore, dated 06-08-2002. Brief administrative functions of the Centre are givenbelow:26

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