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Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka

Annual Report 10-11 - Government of Karnataka


Annual Report 2010-11Annexure IDirectory of Officers & Employees1. Dr. M. H. Balakrishnaiah, Director (up to 18th July 2010)2. Dr. V. S. Prakash, Director (from 19th July 2010 to 10th August 2010)3. Dr. D. K. Prabhuraj, Director (from 11th August 2010)4. Dr. V. Shreedhara, Scientist5. Dr. K. Ashoka Reddy, Scientist6. Dr. B. P. Lakshmikantha, Scientist7. Shri. C. R. Francis, Scientist8. Shri. U. V. Nagappa, Scientist9. Shri. B. G. Hanumantharaju, Scientist10. Smt. K.Ambiga, Assistant Administrative OfficerAnnexure IIMonthly remuneration of the officers and employees working at KSRSACSl. No. Name & Designation Salary (Rs)(February, 2009)1 Dr. M. H. Balakrishanaiah, Director49,086.00(up to 18 th July 2010)2 Dr. V. S. Prakash, Director (from 19 th-July 2010 to 10 th August 2010)3 Dr. D. K. Prabhuraj, Director (from 11 th32,607.00August 2010)4 Dr. V. Shreedhara, Scientist 23,768.005 Dr. K. Ashoka Reddy, Scientist 23,145.006 Dr. B. P. Lakshmikantha, Scientist 26,228.007 Shri. C. R. Francis, Scientist -8 Shri. U. V. Nagappa, Scientist -9 Shri. B. G. Hanumantharaju, Scientist10 Smt. K. Ambiga, Asst. Admin. Officer 22,713.00Place: BangaloreDate: 20-04-2009(Smt. K. Ambiga)Asst. Admin. OfficerSd/-Sd/-(Dr D K Prabhuraj)Director33

Annual Report 2010-11KARNATAKA STATE REMOTE SENSING APPLICATIONS CENTREGrant-in-Aid audited Statement of Expenditure for the Year 2010-11(a). Administrative ExpenditureSlNoName of the itemsTotal in Rs.1 Salaries 35,31,529.002 Office Maintenance 12,73,777.003 Telephone charges 4,10,010.004 Vehicle maintenance/insurance 26,01,625.005 Rent/Electricity and water charges 7,77,177.006 Printing and stationary 24,31,356.007 Payroll Processing Charges 2,10,560.008 Miscellaneous Expenses 7,11,618.00TOTAL 1,19,47,652.00(b). Seminars & Conferences expenditureSlName of the itemsGrand Total in Rs.No1 Bangalore Space Expo 2010 1,82,877.002 Bangalore IT Biz 2010 10,96,000.003 Bangalore Nano 2010 32,000.004 Sadhana Samavesha 2010 98,167.005Karnataka State Geo-Spatial Databaseconference held on 28-12-20104,44,628.006 Municipalika Conference 2011 67,835.007 Gulbarga Festival 2011 41,000.008 Other Expenses 37,493.00TOTAL 20,00,000.00c). Procurement of Lab Equipment’s for M. Tech Course ExpenditureSlNoName of the itemsTotal in Rs.1Purchase of Lab equipments for M.TechCourse16,34,590.00TOTAL 16,34,590.0034

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