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Train Journeys - Rail Plus

14 Golden eagle

14 Golden eagle trans-siberianMOSCOWThe Golden EagleYekaterinburgNovosibirskLake BaikalIrkutskUlan UdeVladivostokUlaan BaatarTrans-Siberian RailwayThe longest and the most famous railway journey in the world, the Trans-Siberian Railwaytraverses the whole expanse of Russia from Europe to the Orient. Experience thislegendary journey like never before, in the elegance and comfort of a private luxury train.Whilst there are many packages available on the Trans-Siberian Railway, nearly all involve travel on theregular Trans-Siberian trains – which have nothing but the most basic facilities. What is unique about thistour programme is that travel is onboard a luxury private train.Follow the classic route, with itineraries departing from either Moscow or Vladivostok ranging between 13and 15 days, you can experience the legendary Trans-Siberian in comfort and style.Departing from Moscow, the train passes through Yekaterinburg, capital of the Urals, winds through tunnelsand round cliffs along the shores of Lake Baikal - the world’s largest freshwater lake. The train will branch offthe Trans-Siberian main line to take a trip into Mongolia for a visit to Ulaan Bataar, before returning back toRussia for the remainder of the trip.The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express offers guests all the facilities expected from a world class railjourney. Gold Class cabins have ensuite facilities including power showers and under floor heating to aDVD/CD player, LCD screens and individual air conditioning. Silver Class cabins are more compact andhave similar facilities. New Heritage Class onboard offers all the services expected from an overnightcabin. Whilst there is no ensuite, at 39 sq ft they provide comfortable surroundings in which to enjoy thislegendary journey.The restaurant cars offer local specialities as well as international cuisine prepared by the onboard chefs andthe bar car offers a great place to relax and enjoy the countryside and get to know your fellow passengers.InclusIons: Your Trans-Siberian Railway tour includes accommodation onboard the train in your choice ofNew Heritage Class, Silver Class or Gold Class twin cabin, hotel accommodation as described in each itinerary,all meals, alcoholic beverages with lunch and dinner, guided off-train tours with experienced guides, gratuities,services of an onboard doctor, 24 hour cabin attendants and airport transfers.Departures: There are 7 departures, eastbound or westbound, between 08 May and 06 September2011. For specific itineraries and departure dates please visit our website are required for Mongolia and russia (double entry). all required visa invitation letters and guidelineswill be provided.experience a taste of the transsiberian railway with our shorttour options. travel onboard the“Golden eagle” between Moscowand lake Baikal (9 days) onthe Baikal express itinerary –tour available in the oppositedirection. Itineraries include1 night in Moscow, 6 nightsonboard the Golden eagle and1 night in

the silk road 15MOSCOWVolgogradThe Silk RoadKhivaAshgabatAlmatyUrumqiBukhara TashkentJayuguenSamarkand DunhuangLanzhouXianBEIJINGLucyangRetracing one of the most important trading routes of ancient civilisation, this remarkabletour follows in the footsteps of such legendary figures as Alexander the Great and MarcoPolo. Crossing both Russia and China, experience this remarkable tour onboard a luxuryprivate train.The 21 day Silk Road tour begins in Moscow where you are met and transferred to a luxurious fivestarhotel for two nights. Board the Golden Eagle on day three and travel onto Ashgabat; experienceRegistan Square in Samarkand and continue through to Uzbekistan’s capital Tashkent.Crossing the border, the Shangri-La Express private train awaits us. The fascinating journey continues onto Xian where passengers visit the world famous Terracotta Warriors. Arriving into the capital of China,Beijing at the end of an 11,250 km journey, passengers are transferred to a five-star hotel for threenights. In Beijing, visit Tiananmen Square and then explore the magnificently restored Forbidden City.Your final day in Beijing is devoted to the most awe-inspiring site in the whole of China- The Great Wall.Travel aboard the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express private train as well as one of China’s mostprestigious private trains, the Shangri-La Express, passengers are offered a comfortable setting withmodern facilities and air conditioned cars. Cabins are twin berth with shared or en-suite facilities.Restaurant cars serving a variety of local specialties and western favourites and bar cars offer a relaxedplace to watch the passing countryside.InclusIons: Your Silk Road tour includes accommodation onboard the train in a twin cabin, hotelaccommodation as described in each itinerary, all meals, alcoholic beverages with lunch and dinner, guidedoff-train tours with experienced guides, gratuities, services of an onboard doctor, 24hr cabin attendant &airport transfers.Departures: There is one eastbound departure, from 20 September to 10 October 2011. Forspecific itineraries and departures dates please visit our website are required for china and russia. Double entry visas are required for turkmenistan, uzbekistanand Kazakhstan. all required visa invitation letters and guidelines will be provided.Experience a taste of the Silk Roadwith our short tour options. Travelonboard the “Golden eagle” betweenMoscow and Almaty (13 days) ona Russia and Central Asia tour – orexperience just the China sector fromUrumchi to Beijing (9 days) on the“shangri-la express”

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