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Specialist adult cancer

Specialist adult cancer nurses in EnglandA census of the specialist adult cancer nursing workforce in the UK, 2014Table 8: Macmillan specialist adult cancer nurse posts, WTE, England, 2014Macmillan Cancer Support postsWTEMacmillan clinical nurse specialists 983.6Other Macmillan cancer specialists 179.0Total 1,162.6Fig. 6: Specialist adult cancer nursing workforce Macmillan Cancer Support posts, CNS andother, percentage, England 2014Other Macmillan Cancer Specialists15%Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialists85%24

Specialist adult cancer nurses in EnglandA census of the specialist adult cancer nursing workforce in the UK, 2014Table 9: Macmillan Cancer Support specialist adult cancer nursing workforceby area of practice, WTE, England, 2014Area of practice WTE % of total (WTE)Acute oncology service 88.9 7.6%Brain/central nervous system 34.5 3.0%Breast 235.8 20.3%Colorectal 84.4 7.3%Gynaecology 88.2 7.6%Haematology 81.5 7.0%Head and neck 79.9 6.9%Lung 175.2 15.1%Malignant dermatology 67.2 5.8%Sarcoma 16.5 1.4%Upper gastrointestinal 92.8 8.0%Urology – Prostate only 13.2 1.1%Urology – All uro-oncology 104.6 9.0%Total 1,162.6 100.0%Fig. 7: Macmillan Cancer Support specialist adult cancer nurse workforce as proportion oftotal specialist adult cancer nursing workforce, by area of practice, WTE, England, 2014Acute Oncology ServiceBrain/Central Nervous SystemBreastColorectalGynaecologyHaematologyHead and NeckLungMalignant DermatologySarcomaUpper GastrointestinalUrology – All uro-oncologyUrology – Prostate onlyMacmillan WTENon-Macmillan WTE0 100 200 300 400 500 60025

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