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SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

3.0 Heritage

3.0 Heritage Framework3.0 Heritage FrameworkScanderbeg Square was designated as a heritage property in 1991 forarchitectural and historical reasons under the provisions of the law for“Cultural Heritage”. The property covered by the designation by-lawextends includes all of the territory of the Scanderbeg Square and otherareas on its North and South, along the main Boulevard. More detailedgraphic information is given in the corresponding map of PreservedBuildings, in the “Figures and Drawings” chapter and also in the websiteof the Competition (GENERAL INFORMATION/SITE MAPS). Thereasons for designation of the property are described in the designationby-law as the heritage attributes of the property. As is the case with anydesignated property, any proposed alterations affecting the heritageattributes will require the approval of Competent Authorities, prior tothe issuing of a building permit.It does not attempt to provide in-depth analysis of any characteristics ofthe individual heritage attributes. The revitalization of Scanderbeg Squaremay have some impact on some of the attributes. Stage II competitorswill be required to provide a rationale that any proposed interventionswould not compromise the heritage value of the affected heritageattribute in its contribution to the original design of the Square.Figure 5: National History MuseumFor a more detailed description of the original design and heritageconcerns pertaining to Scanderbeg Square, competitors should refer tothe Section 2.0 of this Competition Brief. The latitudes for change to beconsidered in the design competition are addressed in Section 5.0Program Description and Site Analysis of this Competition Brief.22

In addition to the buildings at the perimeter, part of the heritage certainlyis the open space of the square, within the scope of this competition. Thecompetitors will present proposals regarding the typology and spread ofthe urban decoration (recreation, lightning, artworks, elements, etc.), therange of the vegetation to be planted, taking always into considerationactual and proposed uses of the square, and respecting historic memoryand its heritage (use of materials, variety of techniques of work, specificelements, etc.).Urban facilities within the square should be of high and special quality, butestablishing at the same time visual connections with other elements ofthe main boulevard, integral part of which is the same square. The originof the boulevard construction and of the square goes many years beforeand it is a requirement that its rehabilitation avoids at maximum wipingout the historical substance, where the use of materials is concerned, aswell as regarding spatial concepts. The perimeter of Skanderbeg Square isbordered by some specific objects, whose treatment is not within thescope of this competition, but the competitors will be requested topresent their ideas on how their facades can be treated in order toharmonize them with the square new vision. These proposals will be thefuture guide for the competitions’ ToRs to rehabilitate each and everyconcerned object separately, or for their architectonic design, in caseswhere they does not exist, but are proposed by the Center Master Plan.3.1 Detailed Information on Preserved BuildingsGeneral information on existing buildings is available to the interestedparticipants.23

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