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SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

4.0 The Design

4.0 The Design Opportunity forScanderbeg Square4.0 The Design Opportunity for ScanderbegSquareThe guiding principles and design opportunity presented in this section, alongwith the program requirements described in Section 5.0, will guide theCompetition Jury in recommending a winning design submission.4.1 Guiding PrinciplesThe design challenge in 2008 is to ensure that Scanderbeg Square will beable to better meet the needs of Tirana Citizens and visitors for manyyears to come, while respecting the important meaning of this civic placeto all those who know it and use it.The guiding principles are fundamental to the revitalization of ScanderbegSquare and were embraced by City in approving the design competition.They will ensure that the revitalization of the Square will reflect theenergy, beauty and dignity that are characteristic of public spaces in allgreat cities.4.2 Heritage Property AttributesAs identified in Section 2.0, Tirana City Center and Scanderbeg Squareare designated by the Albanian Government as a heritage property. Theyare well known and documented as important landmarks of national andinternational modern and historic architecture. The competition programoutlined in Section 5.0 clearly identifies those elements of the Squarewhich are not part of the design competition mandate.Figure 6: Scanderbeg ‐ The National Hero24

The competition is intended to seek the response of imaginative designteams to the challenge of defining renewed responses to the currentprogram requirements. The design approach should be forward looking,but enhance the legacy left by the architect of the original designs andnumerous architects and colleagues who participated in theimplementation of previous designs.Guiding Principles• Reinforce the atmosphere of ‘governance, democracy andcommunity’ that this Square should represent;• Respect the beauty and dignity of the original design and improve it tomeet contemporary conditions;• Preserve and enhance the unique heritage qualities of the Square;• Enhance the legibility of its function as a generator of the originaldesign approach and later approaches;• Improve the open and accessible qualities of the space in order tomake it well-used and valued;• Improve the pedestrian accessibility of all areas of the Square and itsconnections to the surrounding area;• Improve the capability of accommodating outdoor performanceevents in keeping with the overall design;• Renew the built elements and landscaping with an integratedapproach, high quality materials 1 and refined craftsmanship;• Re-establish the Square as a pedestrian-only and vehicle-free publicspace;• Renew the streetscape actual situation into an integrated conceptwith the square’s design approach• Revitalize the entire area of the site, marked within the boundaries ofthis competition• Demonstrate exemplary sustainable design practice on this prominentcivic project.4.3 Improving Public Events AccomodationThe Square is the venue for frequent outdoor concerts, festivities andceremonies of many different kinds. It has become apparent that thefacilities for outdoor performances on the Square could be significantlyimproved. Its choice as the preferred location for many special events,both planned and spontaneous, has placed greater demand on the existingfacilities on the Square and identified the need to accommodate these inthe best possible way.Given the Square’s central location, hours of use and high volume ofpedestrian traffic through and around it, the Square needs to be flexible inorder to accommodate different levels and types of uses, and to betteraccommodate access by walking, cycling and public transit. It should adapt1The use of local materials will be valued in terms of sustainability and itsinfluences on the local economy.25

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