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SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

• The streetscape

• The streetscape design of the ‘Entries’ to the Square, Main“Deshmoret e Kombit” Boulevard Street Lightning included;• The line of progress for the construction of the newdevelopments within the restricted area of the square; the linesof progress for the reconstruction of the existing buildings withinthe Scanderbeg Square perimeter, and the potential usage of theunderground development, in case being proposed by theparticipant.This is the area for which the competition winner will be contractedout to develop the detailed urban design project.5.1.2 ExplanationsThe international competition aims toward a detailed urban study for theRehabilitation of the Skanderbeg Square, and which would guide theMunicipality of Tirana in realizing the vision build upon the Master Plan ofthe City Center – the base line for all competitors.The scope of the competition would be the horizontal area of the Squarebordered by the Historical Museum and Tirana Hotel, in the North,Palace of Culture, the Mosque and Municipality building, in the East,Ministerial Complex, in the South, and Puppy Theater, Bank of Albaniaand an open area foreseen for future development, in the West. Thebordered area within the scope of this study is about 45 500 m2, of which4 500 m2 are planned for new buildings, and as result, there are only 41000 m2 remaining free for the public and to be completed with facilitiesof urban use.Figure 7: Competition Area – Boundary30

5.2 Pedestrian Connections and AccessA clear priority identified in the public consultation process is the needfor improved pedestrian connections and accessibility to ScanderbegSquare. Improved pedestrian access is needed due to a number of factorssuch as, the intensified use of the Square, the growth and change of thesurrounding area, and the need to reduce conflicts with vehicular traffic.Most of the facilities immediately surrounding the Square were designedto give priority to motor vehicle traffic. Pedestrian traffic on the Square isthe result of people using the site as a transit area and also those visitingit, as well as those walking to nearby facilities. There are numerousbarriers around the site for persons with mobility limitations. Thefollowing section outlines general requirements for pedestrianaccessibility, while Section 5.3 provides specific recommendations onstreetscape design, transportation, building and parking access.Recommendations in both sections are based on a comprehensivetransportation study undertaken by the Directory of Public Transport onbehalf of the City of Tirana.5.2.1 Pedestrian AccessIt is a requirement that the design of all areas of Scanderbeg Squareshould give priority to pedestrians. The only exceptions to thisrequirement are special access for vehicles for the purposes ofmaintenance, delivery and loading, and emergency vehicle access, whichare to be specified by the proposals for the Revitalization of theScanderbeg Square.Competitors are encouraged to consider the following measures toimprove pedestrian accessibility to, from, and within Scanderbeg Square:• Widened or extended sidewalks, in the southern part of the squarefollowing the guidelines of the master plan of the Center.• Use of different pavements to better identify pedestrian areas;referring mostly to the southern part of the competition site and alsoto the very central axis where there is the footprint of the tramway.• Changes to parking and loading access to minimize conflicts betweenPedestrians and vehicles.5.3 Streetscape Design, Transportation, Building and Parking AccessScanderbeg Square is located in the Central District of Tirana and isbounded by major arterial roads, whose traffic capacity will be deliveredvery soon to the new surrounding ring road, planned by the master planof the Center in order to pedestrianize the square. The site alsoaccommodates visits by dignitaries and a significant number of specialevents. The unique transportation access requirements for CentralBuildings and Scanderbeg Square present some unique challenges for theredesign of the site. Some of the topics to be kept as guides in the designproposals are recommended as follows:• Streetscape Design• Bicycle Access and Parking• Access, Loading, Temporary Parking- Emergency Building Access- Delivery and Loading31

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