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SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes


5.4 LandscapingLandscaping has not been well developed on the Square, with additions,replanting and alterations at various locations over the years being unableto overcome some fundamental design shortcomings. The existinglandscaped areas do perform an important function in softening theextensive areas of concrete, providing visual interest, screening, shade,and separating and defining various areas of activity. Some of the grassedareas, however, do not stand up well to the heavy public use, and somelandscaped areas do not get used extensively. Many of the original treesand other plant materials on the Square have either been replaced orhave reached maturity and will soon require replacement. The closeintegration of landscape design with any changes proposed to the designof the Square is of prime importance. Competitors are encouraged tomake proposals for all landscaped areas of the Square. If appropriate andpractical, the existing large trees should be preserved or relocated.5.5 Other ItemsThere are some other topics that concern the City and the Municipalityof Tirana, as they are either lacking or not under good conditions. Thoseissues that do require design effort and design solutions are as follows:• Paving System on the Square• Children’s Playground.• Café on the Square• Food Services• Municipal Exhibition Pavilion• Summary of Space Programs for Building Program5.6 Public Events and Outdoor Performance FacilitiesThe increased number of Tirana citizens and visitors to the City who usethe Square has created a need for better amenities. The existing builtelements are either showing signs of age or are not able to adequatelydeal with the demands being placed on them in a manner appropriate tothe setting. The following sub-sections outline the requirements for theprovision of new facilities or changes to existing elements.The underground is required to be used for storage and deposingpurposes for all public needs, in case the Square is used for any openpublic event.5.6.1 OverviewSkanderbeg Square is now traditionally tending to receive great publicevents of the capital, being cultural, social or political.During the 2006, in total, there are 54 public events held in SkanderbegSquare. Among others, it is worth mentioning cultural activities organizedby Tirana Municipality, such as the White Night and New Years Eve,which have noticed the maximum number of visitors in the square.Approximate statistics, obtained by the number of promotional itemsdistributed shows that the number of participants reaches up to 80,000.This square is also used by non-profit organizations to present their socialactivities. In addition, during the special international events, theseorganizations are installed temporarily in the Skanderbeg Square, forinstance, on The Day of Third Age, Environment Day, or Children Day.32

5.6.2 Problems FacedOrganizing an event in the Skanderbeg Square is associated with series ofproblems that made it difficult to have a successful event and in additioncreate difficulties for the capital road traffic.a) One of the main problems is born from the lack of dedicated powersupply line, which would make possible professional installation ofaudio and lightning of the stages, in different occasions. This problemvery frequently oblige the organizers to use the same place in thesquare, contributing thus in the monotony of the events.• This square in its today spatial format and with the above-mentionedproblem of power supply favors failure of some of the eventsdedicated to limited audiences.• The lack of a place that fulfills the criteria for establishing a properstage is another barrier for the organizers of the events in theSkanderbeg Square.• On the other hand, any successful event with high participationimmediately results in traffic congestion and blockage for at least fewhours, and, subsequently, establishing a negative perception for theevent and its organizers.5.6.3 The Future• A specific place for stages would be one of the main requests that thesquare should accommodate. The maximum size of a stage in thesquare is 12 m wide, 6 me deep, and 2 m high from the ground level.In addition, should be foreseen a backstage, divided in two parts, each6 m wide and 2 m deep, which would serve to place stage equipmentand for the performers.• The minimum size of a stage dedicated to limited audiences is 5 mwide, 3m deep, without necessarily having a backstage. It is importantin this case to foresee where the audience should stay, which in caseof massive meeting stands, while during limited events should beseated in temporary seats, up to 1,000.• The energy source should accommodate the requirements of theaudio and lightning engineers, because frequently their requests differfrom one event or artist to the other (consultations with audio andlightning engineers).• Permanent installation of announcing center and basic lightning indesignated place of the square would definitely avoid waste of timeand reduce the costs, allowing at the same time enough flexibility forquick events’ organization.• Adopted passage for long vehicles transporting parts and stageequipment, etc.• Establishing within the square a storage area is more than necessary.5.6.4 Reforming the Scanderbeg Square – New EventsFrom April to November, during the warm period of the year, SkanderbegSquare could be transformed in a place for fairs and open exhibitions,which would particularly contribute in tourism promotion in Tirana, andits inclusion in international agendas.• Provision for placing portable and temporary panels, which wouldserve exhibition partitions, in cases of photographic, historicalgalleries, etc.33

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