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SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

While the design

While the design competition does strongly require new public art forthe Square, competitors are asked to make proposals for new public artinstallations as part of their Stage I design submissions, so a professionalartist is required to be included on the Stage I competitor team. Thecompetition does also include the need to install some commemorativepieces as highlighted in Sub-sections to Planner and Architect RecognitionCompetitors should submit proposals for a permanent and appropriatedesign element on the Square to provide recognition of Armando Brasini,the original design planner and architect of Scanderbeg Square. Donor RecognitionThe funding for the Square’s revitalization project may come fromcorporate or individual donations. Competitors are required to submitproposals for an appropriate design element on the Square that willprovide recognition for the donor(s).5.7.8 Speaker’s CornerThe Speaker's Corner is an element the City of Tirana wants tointroduce in the square in order to promote free speech in the City. Inorder to be correctly and fully utilized competitors are encouraged todevelop design solutions to provide this new element with visibility andusability.5.7.9 Public Safety and Security ConsiderationsThe safety and security of users of the Square is a high priority for theCity.The winning design team will be required to work with the City tointegrate state-of-the-art safety and security measures into their designsolutions that will not detract from the Square’s appearance or limit itsfunctionality and accessibility, while at the same time balancing the needto implement measures that foster a safe and secure environment forusers of the Square.5.8 Infrastructure Conditions and Requirements5.8.1 Structural SystemThe surface of the square foreseen to be included in the study includesdifferent structures, which have had different functions in time.Actually, in the square there are no public underground structures underuse, with the exception of concrete and plastic pipes network, within aservice tunnel of precasted concrete boxes of 1.80 x1.50 m that is positionedas shown in the updated sheet. This tunnel serves for telecommunicationslines, including optic cables, and some of the power lines.Above, the square has bitumen based tiles. While asphalt layers are placedover macadam courses and natural gravel. The fact is that the tiles are totallydeteriorated because of the time when they are placed, heavy traffic and lackof maintenance.The kerbs between the road and sidewalks, in most of the cases are of onepiece handmade carved stone of 50x50 cm. These kerbs are since the originalconstruction of the square and are generally not replaced and changed, evenduring the later repairs of the sidewalks. The sidewalks are mostly withprecast concrete tiles, without intervening in the bottom layers. Within thesquare borders, there are other structures constructed for differentpurposes and actually have not changed. It has to be noted the small area infront of the National Historic Museum, as well as the green area in front of36

the Bank of Albania. There are no data for any other underground networkpositioned in these areas. The Podium and steps in front of the Opera, whichwill be part of the Square, are part of the building and of the same materialused for the building5.8.2 Loading CapacitiesThe axle loads are considerable because of the daily traffic and use of thesquare for big activities. In case that in the new proposed study will beforeseen underground facilities (parking, storage, shops, and technologies)then the temporary loads would be calculated up to 400 kg/m2Regarding the areas where the square will not have this type of undergroundinfrastructure, bearing capacity should be considered taking into account thedensity of the pedestrians when public events are organized, as well as of thespecial equipment used (for lightning, audio, temporary structures, etc.), andthe axle load of traffic allowed to access the square, such as emergency,maintenance and special events vehicles.5.8.3 General CommentsIn the square are foreseen to be constructed other structures as planned inthe Urban Study of the Center. These structures might be realized indifferent times after the project for revitalization of the Skanderbeg Square,subject of this competition. For this reason, structures of the square at thedesigned places should be capable to retain structural and operational loads.It is necessary to carry out a study of typology of the buildings foreseen to bewithin the square and the required loads, during the preparatory phase of theproject. In addition should be taken into consideration the load transmittedto the square as result of massive public events, or parking of the requiredvehicles5.8.4 Electrical and Telecommunication SystemsSkanderbeg Square is geographically positioned in the center of the city withsome of the main streets joining to it. As result of this position, in theunderground there is a dense network of power, telephone lines. In additionto cables and pipes within the service tunnel, there are other lines scatteredrandomly and presented in the updated maps of each network.The new power network and telecom should be placed according to therequirements of their owners and fulfilling the request of operatorspositioned in the square and its surroundings, taking into account newconstructions and the increase of capacities. New networks should take intoaccount the supply to temporary structures erected for public events.5.8.5 Mechanical Systems (Water Supply and Sewage)In most of the square, the drainage system is constructed before the worldwar and is connected with old buildings around the square. This system,despite that has satisfactorily functioned so far, could be very well amortized.Another part of the sewer network is built with concrete pipes of die 300mm and 400 mm. These pipes have been for a long time in use and are notrepaired or maintained regularly.In the square, similar to the new streets, is used a mixed drainage system,thus the rain and waste waters are discharged in the same network.5.8.6 Wireless Internet ServicesSpecific parts of the square are actually covered by wireless connections,depending on the suppliers and users operating in it.In the new project should be foreseen the possibility of total cover withwireless connection for all the objects within the borders. Special attention37

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