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SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

7.0 Competition

7.0 Competition Process7.0 Competition Process7.1 Competition Sponsor/ DonorThe design competition is being staged by the City of Tirana. It will beadministered by Urban Planning Department.The competition is sponsored by His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al‐Ahmed Al‐Jaber Al‐Sabah, the Amir of the State of Kuwait. As mentioned also insection 6.0, the donation is offered according to the ContributionAgreement, signed between Amiri Diwan of the State of Kuwait and theCouncil of Ministers of the Republic of Albania, in the City of Tirana, on25 th of January 2008.7.2 Professional AdvisorMunicipality of Tirana has assigned two Professional Advisors for theScanderbeg Square Design Competition, Arch. A.Greca and Ing. M. Cico.The process has been attended by Arch. Paola Rossi, a professionaladvisor that assisted the final stage of the preparations of this competitionbrief on the behalf of the Italian Cooperation, a partner of theMunicipality of Tirana on other similar competition.The Professional Advisors are responsible for:Reference to the Master Plan 5• advising on the structure, requirements and conditions of thecompetition process;• advising on the overall competition budget;40

• advising on the composition of the Competition Jury;• preparation of the Competition Brief;• ensuring that all competitors are placed under uniform conditions;• assisting whether submissions comply with the competitionrequirements;• assisting and advising Technical Secretariat and Evaluation Committeein Stage I;• assisting the Technical Advisory Committee in Stage II;• assisting the Competition Jury in Stage II;• assisting in the exhibition of the Stage II final submissions.The Professional Advisors, in consultation with City Staff, will serve as thearbiters for all inquiries, questions of interpretation or disputes arisingfrom the competition rules, regulations or processes.7.3 Technical ConsultantsA number of individuals have acted as Technical Consultants to the Cityin preparing the research and documentation for the competition. Theywill further play role as members of Technical Advisory Committee,which will evaluate the administrative and technical documentations ofthe competitors during Stage II.7.4 Summary of Competition ProcessThe Competition is structured as a two-stage open process. In Stage I, alleligible professionals are invited to submit a Design and ExperienceStatement describing their design approach, qualifications and experience.An Evaluation Committee assisted by the Professional Advisors and theTechnical Secretariat will evaluate the Design and Experience Statementsand prepare a short-list of not more than five (5) submissions to proceedto Stage II.Stage II finalists will each receive an honorarium of €15,000 to prepare adetailed design submission. All finalists will have their designs displayed ata Competition Exhibition. The Competition Jury will select the winningdesign and design team, which will be contracted to work for the detailedimplementation design of the Rehabilitation Project of the ScanderbegSquare. A first place prize of €15,000 will be offered to the winner. TheJury will also give prices to the second and third places, respectively€10,000 and €5,000.7.5 Competition ScheduleThe following schedule sets out the dates for all major Stage I and IIcompetition activities.Stage IFeb. 1, 08Competition Launch - Announcement & News ReleaseFeb. 1, 08 Brief AvailableFeb. 1, - Feb. 20, 08 Stage I Question PeriodFeb. 29, 08Stage I Design and Experience Statements DeadlineMar. 3 - Mar. 5, 08Mar. 6 - Mar. 7, 08Stage I Statements Reviewed by Technical SecretariatStage I Evaluation Committee/ Shortlist of 5 (five)Mar. 8, 08 Stage II Finalists Announced41

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