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SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

Stage IIMar. 10, 08

Stage IIMar. 10, 08 Stage II StartsMar. 14, 08 Stage II Briefing MeetingMar. 10 - Mar. 25, 08 Stage II Question PeriodApr. 7, 08 Stage II Design Submission DeadlineApr. 8 – Apr. 9, 08 Review by Technical Advisory CommitteeApr. 10 – Apr. 11, 08 Public Exhibition and Presentation of SubmissionsApr. 10 – Apr. 11, 08 Competition Jury DeliberationsApr. 11, 08 Announcement of Winner/ Event Reception42

8.0 Design and Experience Statement8.0 Stage I: Design and Experience Statement8.1 Access to Scanderbeg SquareThere will not be any organized tours of the competition site during theStage 1phase.8.2 Stage I EligibilityThe competition is open to all professional architects, landscapearchitects, urban planners, and engineers who meet either or both of thefollowing requirements:1. are registered or accredited by a formal registration or accreditationbody in one of the above disciplines in the entrant’s country of origin;or2. Where registration and accreditation is not available in a particularjurisdiction, the entrant is a member of the relevant professionalinstitute in their country of origin.All entrants are required to provide evidence of relevant professionalregistration, accreditation or membership in the Experience Statement.Each Stage I competitor team is to include an architect, landscapearchitect, an artist, structural engineer, mechanical engineer and electricalengineer. All team members are to be identified in the ExperienceStatement.Reference to the Master Plan 643

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