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SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

5.7.4. Waste Collection

5.7.4. Waste Collection and Recycling5.7.5. Street Furniture5.7.6. Signage5.7.7. Public Art5.7.7.1. Planner and Architect Recognition5.7.7.2. Donor Recognition5.7.8. Speaker’s Corner5.7.9. Public Safety and Security Considerations5.8. Infrastructure Conditions and Requirements5.8.1. Structural System5.8.2. Loading Capacities5.8.3. General Comments5.8.4. Electrical and Telecommunication Systems5.8.5. Mechanical Systems5.8.6. Wireless Internet Service5.9. Implementation Stages of the Revitalization Project6. BUDGET FRAMEWORK7. COMPETITION PROCESS7.1. Competition Sponsor/ Donor7.2. Professional Advisor/s7.3. Technical Consultants7.4. Summary of Competition Process7.5. Competition Schedule8. STAGE I: DESIGN AND EXPERIENCE STATEMENTS8.1. Access to Scanderbeg Square8.2. Stage I Eligibility8.3. Stage II Eligibility8.4. Ineligibility8.5. Call for Design and Experience Statements8.6. Communication8.7. Stage I Submission Requirements8.8. Submission of Design and Experience Statement8.9. Mandatory Submission Requirements8.10. Selection of Competitors8.11. Additional Conditions Pertaining to Stage I9. STAGE II: DESIGN SUBMISSIONS9.1. Purpose9.2. Eligibility9.3. Briefing Meeting9.4. Communication9.5. Stage II: Submission Requirements9.6. Stage II: Competition Submission4

9.7. Identification of Submissions9.8. Additional Conditions Pertaining to Stage II10. COMPETITION JURY AND EVALUATION PROCEDUREStage I10.1. Technical Secretariat10.2. Evaluation CommitteeStage II10.3. Technical Advisory Committee10.4. Jury Composition10.5. Jury Responsibilities10.6. Jury Adjudication10.7. Evaluation Criteria10.8. Announcement of Winner10.9. Prizes10.10. Copyright11. CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION11.1. Award of Contract11.2. Contract11.3. Value of the Contract13. FIGURES AND DRAWINGSRETURN LABELAPPLICATION FORMNOTE: The Competition Brief contains all needed informationcompetitors require for preparing the submission.Additional related reports and technical information have beenprepared by consultants and City Staff for this competition. Thefollowing supplementary documents are referred to in the text ofthe Competition Brief and are available for review bycompetitors on the competition’s website. access to Tirana GIS, please click: COMPETITION CALENDAR5

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