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SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

STAGE II10.3 Technical

STAGE II10.3 Technical Advisory CommitteeThe Professional Advisors will organize the meeting of Technical AdvisoryCommittee. TAC will meet to review and comment on Stage IIsubmissions for compliance with conditions and technical requirements.Comments of the Technical Advisory Committee will be forwarded tothe Competition Jury. The Technical Advisory Committee will includeCity staff members of the Municipality of Tirana and technical advisors,who contributed in the preparation of this Competition Brief.Members of the Technical Advisory Committee, their partners, associatesor employees shall not participate or communicate with any Stage I andStage II competitor in the preparation of their submission.10.4 Jury CompositionCompetition Jury will have eleven members, all experienced professionalsin the relevant fields. The composition of the Competition Jury isstructured to include local (4 members) and international design experts(6 members), members with artistic experience and local communityinvolvement and a representative of the Competition Sponsor.The members of the Competition Jury will be announced neither earliernor later than two weeks before the date of the Jury meeting – asdeclared in the competition calendar. It will be announced in the websiteof the competition.A short biography of each juror will also be provided in the competitionsite.10.5 Jury ResponsibilitiesThe Competition Jury is responsible for:1 reviewing the competition site;2 reading and reviewing the Competition Brief;3 evaluating the Stage II submissions based upon the criteria stated inthe Competition Brief;4 selecting the winning submission for the design of ScanderbegSquare;5 preparing a Jury Report providing written comments on each Stage IIsubmission and advising of the Jury’s final selection of the winningsubmission.1.6 Jury Adjudication10.6.1 Stage IIThe Jury will review the Stage II submissions according to the datedeclared on the Competition Calendar. The Professional Advisors will beavailable during the deliberations to provide technical assistance and toanswer inquiries by the Jury, but they will not vote. The Jury shall electone of its members to serve as the Jury Chair, who will have full votingprivileges and shall have the primary responsibility for writing the JuryReport. The Jury will meet with the Professional Advisors and theTechnical Advisory Committee on the date declared on the CompetitionCalendar. The purpose of the meeting is to review the competition goalsand objectives and to provide any required technical clarification. TheJury is bound by the conditions of this competition and is responsible forevaluating the submissions, having regard for the evaluation criteria stated52

in Section 10.5 and the design principles contained in this CompetitionBrief. The Jury has the sole authority and responsibility to select anddesignate one winning submission from among the Stage II finalists. Asimple majority of Jury members shall be sufficient to arrive at a Jurydecision. The decision of the Competition Jury in regard to the selectionof the winning submission and the runners-up shall be final.10.7 Evaluation CriteriaThe Competition Jury will be instructed to look for design excellence andto evaluate the design submissions having regard to the following criteria.These criteria are not listed in any order of priority.10.7.1 Design and ContextThe design should reflect both the importance and significance of theSquare’s location and role in Tirana and relate appropriately to theimmediate context of the site and the larger downtown context as setout in this Competition Brief.10.7.2 Program NeedsThe design should accommodate the program needs as set out in Section5.0 of this Competition Brief.10.7.3 Technical IssuesThe design should be technically feasible, responding to the opportunities,conditions and requirements as set out in this Competition Brief. Allaspects of the design must be able to be executed and implemented usingconventional construction procedures.10.7.4 Response to Budgetary ConcernsThe design should be able to be implemented within the budgetframework established in Section 6.0 of this Competition Brief.10.8 Evaluation GuidesThe judgment given by the jury will verify conformity to the programmeand its functional requests, respect of the competition objects, technicalpracticability and respect of existing norms.In particular, the jury will examine submissions considering the followingcriteria, which are fundamental for the promoting Institution:• Overall architectural quality of the project considering, at the sametime, both functionality of space and organizational distribution,aesthetic quality and symbolic value into relationship between existingbuildings and proposals of Master Plan; [25 points]• Urban design quality; [15 points]• Quality of pedestrian areas (as for the square) and their capacity toallow better accessibility and foster integration with the surroundingurban areas, in observance of Master Plan and quality of the parkingareas, considering in particular functionality (distribution and bothpedestrians and vehicles accessibility) and integration with thesurrounding road network; [15 points]• Quality of open spaces for public events in relationship, too, withinnovative utilization of local materials; [25 points]• Quality of Integration and relation between art and architecture;[20 points]53

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