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SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

The time available for

The time available for the preparation of the Execution Project for theScanderbeg Square Rehabilitation is 4 months.At the beginning of Stage II, a draft of the contract will be sent to all fivefinalists of this stage, including all the related detailing and the necessaryterms of negotiation. Integral part of this draft contract will be the EventsCalendar that the winner has to prepare prior to negotiations.The winner of the competition that will proceed further with theexecution detailed project will be required to include:Team Leader/ senior architect, senior urbanist, heritage consultant,outdoor performance consultant, visual art consultant, pavement/materials engineer, senior geotechnical engineer, traffic engineer, electromechanicalengineer, and local road engineer, local materials engineer,local structural engineer, local quantity surveyor, international and localCAD operators.11.3 Value of ContractValue of the contract for the assignment is 350, 000€.56

13.0 Competition CalendarStage IFeb. 1, 08Competition Launch - Announcement & News ReleaseFeb. 1, 08 Brief AvailableFeb. 1, - Feb. 20, 08 Stage I Question PeriodFeb. 29, 08Stage I Design and Experience Statements DeadlineMar. 3 - Mar. 5, 08 Stage I Statements Reviewed by Technical SecretariatMar. 6 - Mar. 7, 08 Stage I Competition Committee/ Shortlist of 5 (five)Mar. 8, 08 Stage II Finalists AnnouncedStage IIMar. 10, 08 Stage II StartsMar. 14, 08 Stage II Briefing MeetingMar. 10 - Mar. 25, 08 Stage II Question PeriodApr. 7, 08 Stage II Design Submission DeadlineApr. 8 – Apr. 9, 08 Review by Technical Advisory CommitteeApr. 10 – Apr. 11, 08 Public Exhibition and Presentation of SubmissionsApr. 10 – Apr. 11, 08 Competition Jury DeliberationsApr. 11, 08 Announcement of Winner/ Event ReceptionAfterwardsApril, 08 Competition Report to CouncilApril, 08 Assignment of ContractApril, 08 – July, 08 Execution Design [4 months]September, 08 Implementation Starts57

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