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SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

SQUARE - Bashkia e Tiranes

1.0 Introduction1.0

1.0 Introduction1.0 IntroductionFigure 1: Clock TowerThe City of Tirana is pleased to announce an international designcompetition for the revitalization of Scanderbeg Square. The Square is thepremier public space and civic gathering place for Tirana citizens, a leadingtourist attraction for the City, and a national and local landmark.Revitalizing Scanderbeg Square is part of the City’s effort to beautify andrestore its public spaces - to foster a renewed sense of civic pride amongits citizens and to inspire the next generation of development in the City.This revitalization project is a high priority for the City. Tirana citizensalso place a high priority on the need to revitalize and restore the Square,as voiced by members of the community through a series of publicconsultations, meetings with heritage and design experts, and input fromusers. The results of these public consultations are reflected in thematerial of this Competition Brief.Since the beginning of the constructions in the Scanderbeg Square in1920’s, the surrounding area has grown and changed dramatically. It hasbecome the centre of a vital and busy mixed-use district in the heart ofdowntown Tirana. The square and its surrounding area have attracted –and continue to attract – a variety of new buildings and uses, includingcommercial offices, retail shopping, cultural and institutional facilities,hotels and a growing number of high density residential buildings. Thesedevelopments have contributed greatly to the Square’s vitality andpopularity. While the Square has also successful attributes, there arenumerous existing design challenges, because of its gradual construction.Some of the design issues can be attributed to changes of the originaldesign of the Square by the Italian architect, Armando Brasini. Thissituation led to some areas and features of the Square being re-8

conceptualized and inadequately adapted. Major design attention isneeded for areas of the Square, which have been underdeveloped,underutilized and poorly used since the Square was originally designed.Many of the parts and facilities on the Square have fallen into a state ofdisrepair, some have been closed and some no longer meet the needs oftoday’s users and programs. Examples include: the closed fountain; thepodium of the former-leader’s monument; lack of food services;inadequate pedestrian access at surrounding streets and undignifiedstreetscapes; not very-well utilized green spaces. Modern-daymodifications are required to meet the new functional requirements ofthe Square and enable the hosting of a greater number and variety ofactivities and special events. Without major renewal and a commitmentto long-term management, the City’s main plaza will lag behind itsneighbors in terms of attractiveness and functionality. The City of Tiranais committed to design excellence and has chosen a two-stage opendesign competition to achieve this objective. In Stage I, all eligibleprofessionals are invited to submit a Design and Experience Statement. Ashort list of not more than five finalists will be selected by the EvaluationCommittee to proceed to Stage II. Stage II competitors will then berequired to prepare detailed design submission that will be evaluated bythe Competition Jury, that will select the winning design submission anddesign team. The design competition is being administered by the UrbanPlanning Department of the Municipality of Tirana and the Donor’sRepresentative, along with a Professional Advisor retained by theMunicipality. In addition, representatives from the General Departmentof Economics, City Promotion Department of the Municipality of Tiranaand a team of experts retained by the Italian Cooperation offices inTirana, have advised and contributed the preparation of procedures forthis Competition Brief.This Competition Brief outlines the opportunities presented by the siteand its design, as well as technical requirements. It identifies the projectbudget to implement the revitalization Project of Scanderbeg Square,which must be adhered to by competitors entering the competition.Beyond that, the City is looking to professional designers to create anexciting and inspired revitalization plan for what is the most importantpublic square in Tirana – Scanderbeg Square.9

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