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Population, Poverty and Environment Population, Poverty ... - IUCN

Population, Poverty and Environment Population, Poverty ... - IUCN

mmbased on cohesive

mmbased on cohesive communities with well-established traditions of cooperationand collective work.SL framework, by defining poverty as a fundamental lack of basic assets haspotential to directly incorporate considerations of mountain specificity such asisolation and fragility that contribute to vulnerability of livelihoods inmountain environmentsSL makes possible integrated and explicit analyses of various conditioningfactors, both exogenous and endogenous, which catalyse or impinge onmountain livelihood development (p. 8).AKRSP, for example, can be seen as an effort to help the poor overcome theirvulnerability by developing their individual and collective capacities. AKRSP doesthis by providing the poor access to credit, encourage savings, invest in their skillsand human re s o u rces, support the construction of infrastru c t u re, and mostimportantly, invest in collective institutions. Programmes such as AKRSP, using thesustainable livelihoods approach, should be adopted in all of the NA.44

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