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Population, Poverty and Environment Population, Poverty ... - IUCN

Population, Poverty and Environment Population, Poverty ... - IUCN

Rasmussen, S.

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IUCN–The World Conservation UnionIUCN is a world leader in developingknowledge and understanding for effectiveconservation action.A unique worldwide partnership,IUCN brings together states, governmentagencies and NGO members, andsome 10,000 scientists and experts from181 countries in a global web of networksto provide a neutral forum for dialogue &action on environment & sustainabledevelopment issues.IUCN Pakistan has five programme officesin cities from the north to the south,multiple field offices, a large portfolio ofprojects and a staff of 250. It is one of the6 Country Offices of IUCN's AsiaProgramme, covering 17 countries with aworkforce of nearly 500.Planning & Development Dept.,Northern Areas

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