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Population, Poverty and Environment Population, Poverty ... - IUCN

Population, Poverty and Environment Population, Poverty ... - IUCN

5.4.5. Community-based

5.4.5. Community-based Fisheries Management in Ghizer Valley 345.4.6. GEF/UNDP Small Grants Programme (SGP) 355.4.7. Establishment of District Conservation Committees 355.4.8. Establishment of Valley Conservation Funds (VCFs) 365.4.9. Trans-boundary Efforts 365.4.10. Northern Areas Health Program Project 365.4.11. Social Action Program (SAP) 376. Stakeholders 396.1. Local Level Stakeholders 396.2. Conservation and Developmental Organizations 396.3. Public Sector Institutions in NA 396.4. Federal Government Institutions 406.5. Global Level Institutions 407. The Way Ahead 417.1. Macro and Regional level Interventions 417.1.1. Governance Aspects – Enabling policies, legislation and institutions 417.1.2. Economic Aspects 417.2. Regional and Local Level Interventions 427.2.1. Governance Aspects 427.2.2. Environmental and Economic Aspects – Pro-poor markets thatbring value to environmentally-friendly practices and products 427.2.3. Social Aspects – Protecting unique knowledge and developingand/or transferring relevant technologies 437.2.4. Educational Aspects – Improving awareness through education andcommunication 437.3. Adopt Sustainable Livelihoods Approach 43Bibliography 45iv

LIST OF ACRONYMSAKRSPAKDNAKCSP-PAKESAKHSAKUBACIPBAEJBCFDFIDFWOGoPGCICHERPHWFKADOMoKANANACSNASSDNANAANCSNDONGONRMMACPPRIFSPCSSAPVCCVCVOWOWASEPWWF-PAga Khan Rural Support ProgrammeAga Khan Development NetworkAga Khan Cultural Services, PakistanAga Khan Education ServicesAga Khan Health ServicesAga Khan UniversityBuilding and Construction Improvement ProgrammeBaltistan Association of Environmental JournalistsBaltistan Cultural FoundationDepartment for International DevelopmentFrontier Works OrganisationsGovernment of PakistanGilgit Information and Conservation CentreHunza Education Resource ProjectHimalayan Wildlife FoundationKarakoram Area Development OrganisationMinistry of Kashmir and Northern Areas AffairsNorthern Areas Conservation StrategyNorthern Areas Strategy for Sustainable DevelopmentNorthern AreasNorthern Areas AdministrationNational Conservation StrategyNounehal Development OrganizationNon-Governmental OrganizationNatural Resource ManagementMountain Areas Conservancy ProjectGEF – Pre-Investment Facility ProjectSarhad Provincial Conservation StrategySocial Action ProgrammeVillage Conservation CommitteeVillage CouncilsVillage OrganisationsWomen OrganisationWater and Sanitation Extension ProgrammeWorld Wide Fund for Nature, Pakistanv

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