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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

2541 ABG cement-free Hip

2541 ABG cement-free Hip system two piece acetabular components ultra-high molecular weightpolyethylene 22.22mm standard inserts2542 22.22mm Hooded insert ABG inserts hooded2543 P.C.A CDH Hip system femoral stem head components vitallium alloy2544 Biodynamic Hip screw2545 Femoral neck circular reamers2546 Femoral neek reamer handle2547 Trail stem extractor2548 Femoral extractor sleeve2549 Femoral extractor handle2550 Biodynamic solid back2551 Madreporigne acetabular system2552 Outer shell components (vitallium alloy) acetabuler insert2553 Acetabular Insrumentation Cup positoner 1 impacter handle2554 Alignment clamp2555 T-rod for alignment2556 Positoner flange tip assembly2557 Tip expander2558 Shell cup tilter2559 Liner impactor handle2560 Liner impactor haed2561 Liner impactor flange2562 TOTAL KNEE SYSTEM Beaded femoral components2563 Non beaded femoral components2564 Patellar component2565 Total knee instumentation/Revision femoral insruments & storage & sterilization cases2566 Key locking screw adapter2567 Distal femoral fixation peg socket2568 5mm hexagonal head socket adapter2569 Screw driver handle2570 Alignment tower spring kit2571 Spacer plate spring kit2572 Tibial instrumentationProximal tibial alignment guide2573 Tibial I.M adapter2574 5/16 I.M rod with flats2575 Transverse tibial cutting jig2576 Replacement screw for tibial resection2577 Ankle clamp assembly2578 Tibial marking styles2579 Universal tibial templates2580 Wedge clamp kit2581 Pad replacement kit2582 Pin puller2583 Headed nail extractor impactor2584 Headed nail (short-long)2585 Screw drill guide2586 Stem plug wrench2587 Stem socket wrench2588 Stem wrench2589 Trail base plate extractor2590 Stem compactor2591 Tibial impactor2592 Storage and sterilization cases2593 Femoral locking intramedullary rod dynamic locking/Static locking with rod connector (hip bolt)2594 Static locking with rod connector ( lag screw)108 of 218

2595 Instrumentation:Guide pin with threaded tip2596 Cannulated reamer2597 Reamer guide T. handle2598 Guide wire with ball tip2599 Cannulated flexable reamer/Fracture reduction tool2600 Intramedullary exchange tube2601 Guide wire with smooth tip2602 Rod driver assembly2603 Slide hammer assembly2604 Slide hammer extension2605 Screw driver with T. handle2606 Rod driver T. wrench2607 Femoral I.M rod instrumentation2608 Storage &sterilization case no. 1 with one tray empty2609 Cross locking screw & rod connector instrumentation mallet2610 Drill with trocar point triflat end2611 Drill with trocar point A/O end2612 Drill with trocar point with trinkle/triflat end2613 Calibrated drill bit with trocar point triflat end2614 Drill with gray point trinkle / triflat end2615 Drill with gray point trinkle / A/O end2616 Screw depth gauge2617 Screw driver2618 Screw extractor2619 Long bit triflat end2620 13mm rod connector manipulator /extractor2621 15mm rod connector manipulator /extractor2622 Cannulated rod connector manipulator insert 13mm,15mm2623 Rod connector guide pin target device2624 13mm post nut2625 15mm post nut2626 Proximal targeting guide2627 Spare thumb screw2628 Distall targeting guide2629 Cross locking sight2630 C- arm allignment post2631 TOTAL ELBOW PROSTHESIS COMPLETE SET & DIFFERENT SIZES with instruments2632 HEMI ARTHROPLASTY SHOULDER COMPLETE SET with instruments2633 TOTAL SHOULDER PROSTHESIS COMPLETE SET with instruments2634 Tibial interlocking nail system :R/T. delta tibial inter locking nail with instruments2635 Screws for tibial interlocking nail system (4.5mm locking screws) :2636 4.5mm locking serews2637 R/T nail sounds2638 Curved Awl2639 Skin protector2640 Tapered reamer2641 Internal fracture atignment device2642 Nail lenght gange2643 Gange rod for nail2644 Tibial proximal drill guide2645 11/16 Open end wrench2646 Spine driver2647 Slotted hammer2648 Per cutaneous knife handle2649 Sterilising case2650 8.0 grean drill sleeve109 of 218

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