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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

3200 Simposn Piathery

3200 Simposn Piathery with Cable (Simposn Spear end Diathermy Electrode)3201 Shea Speculum Holder Flat (Shea Ear Speclum Holder to Fit Aperating Table)3202 Sinuscope (Set Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)3203 Rhinoscope (Set Functional Rhinoscopy)3204 Oto drill (shea)3205 Bed matress3206 Inove - Ballone , PTMC - 303207 Inove - Ballone , PTMC - 283208 Inove - Ballone , PTMC - 243209 Inove - Ballone , PTMC - 223210 Inove - Ballone , PTMC - 203211 Coils , MR eye emboligation coil , size 43212 Coils , MR eye emboligation coil , size 83213 Post Nasal Mirror different size3214 Spiret lamp3215 Tangaed preser woodin3216 Hanpiece for ear surgary & burs3217 Micro ear surgary3218 Negus artery forceps Large size3219 Pericandrial Elevetor & disctor (for septo plasty)3220 Keller nasal speculam Large size3221 Alleminium nasal splint3222 Nasal snare3223 E.N.T requirement (ear receiver) :Body Worn hearing aid gain For linear hearing loss3224 - For linear hearing loss around 70 dB H. (To be completed with two single cord)3225 - For linear hearing loss around 80 dB H. (To be completed with two single cord)3226 Extra single cord3227 Extra y cord3228 Ear mould size (1-5)3229 Bone conduction receiver with band3230 Postaural hearing aid For linear hearing loss [To be completed with charger rechargable3231 - For linear hearing loss around 70 dB H.L[To be completed w/ charger rechargable batt3232 - For linear hearing loss more than 70 dB H.L [To be completed w/ charger rechargable3233 Extra charger3234 Extra rechargable battery3235 Specticle hearing aid- Air conduct. hearing aid for linear hearing loss around (50-60)dB3236 - Bone conduction hearing aid for linear hearing loss around (50-60) dB H.L with frame.3237 In the ear hearing aid (ITE)3238 DENTAL IMPLANTXI Osteotomes forpassive sinus lifting & condensation ( set of different sizes3239 Miniplate set for stabilization of cylinder fixature ( plate & screws & tools )3240 Resorbable & non resorbable hard tissue ( bone ) replacement3241 Resorbable membrane for guided tissue regeneration3242 Non resorbable tough membrane for covarage of surgical row area3243 Implant fixature ( endoseous , blades , bicortical )3244 Gingival former (assorted)3245 transfer coping3246 Surgical drills for implant ( pilot , twist , simultaneous)3247 Abutment super structure (assorted)3248 Implant surgical instruments (assorted)3249 Implant analog & abutment analog (all types )3250 Instrument set for implant impression3251 Lab. Instrument set for implant3252 Trolley for implantology surgical unit3253 Implant periodental care kit3254 Surgical hand piece120 of 218

3255 Turbine hand piece3256 Bone measuring instrument (osteometer)3257 Implant boy ( cabinate )3258 Interdental strip holder (for interdental polishing)3259 Steel strip (graded), (for interdental polishing)3260 Linen strips(graded), (for interdental polishing)3261 Gore- tex periodental membrane (regeneration membrane)3262 Diamond burs for odontoplasty (assorted), (perio-set)3263 hdroxyapatite HA for periodental pocket3264 Trephine drill3265 Tissue adhesive (cyanoacrylate)3266 Plasts- O - probe for application of tissue adhesive3267 Mixing Capsule for Amalgamator (Degussa) PCS3268 Waste reciever3269 Fiber splint3270 Guided tissue regeneration ( perio )3271 Zinc phosphate cement (liquid and powder)3272 Endo clean stand3273 Sponge for clean stand pack of 50 pcs3274 Orthodontic cement3275 Self- developing x- ray dentel film (box of 100)3276 Thermoplast sheet for pressure molding , box of 100 , assorted3277 Soldering table with object holder3278 Film holder3279 Desensitizing kit3280 Composite polishing discs kit.3281 Cotton roll plastic container3282 Chrom steel crown Assorted kit3283 Surgical dressing soft paste3284 Root canal post ( titanium S.S ,gold plated) pk. Of 50 assorted3285 Calsium hydroxide light cure3286 (Light cure) Kit for anteril filling3287 Scissors Crown , Straight3288 Scissors ( crown & Bridge ) curved3289 Glass Lonomer filling Material3290 Polishing disc set of 6 assorted3291 Mandrel for R.H.P setof 63292 Mc Call periodental currete3293 Scissors assorted3294 Alvogyl3295 S.S. wires 0.43296 Implants :- Surgical Set Stepped Cylinder (TPS coating) and (HA coating) Assorted.3297 - Surgical Set Stepped Screw (deep profile surface) Assorted.3298 Prosthetic components for implants : - Gingiva former (Assorted)3299 - ProTect Abutment (Assorted Diameters)3300 - Transfer Coping (Assorted Diameters and Lengths)3301 - Transfer Coping PickUp Technick (Assorted Diameters and Lengths)3302 - Singel Thuth Abutment MH6 straight (Assorted Diameters and Lengths)3303 - Singel Thuth Abutment MH6 angled (Assorted Diameters and Lengths)3304 - Horizontal Screw Set (Assorted)3305 - CeraBase Abutment Wide (Assorted)3306 - CeraBase Abutment Anatomical (Assorted)3307 - AuroBase with Abutment Screw (Assorted)3308 - Attachment including Insert, Attachment Screw, Matrix (gold alloy) with blue silicone3309 ring and white plastic ring. (Assorted Diameters and Lengths).121 of 218

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