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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

3420 Micro saw with

3420 Micro saw with swiveling soft tissue guard3421 Sinus lift surgical set3422 Boneshield3423 Bone condenser (for implant )3424 Surgical trays for implant set3425 Striker3426 Surgical trays fixation set for fixing boneshield and membrain nails (augmentation instrument)3427 Membren (and bone shields )nails3428 Disposable drills for membrain nails3429 Filter (strile ) for bone collector3430 Disposable suction unit (sterile) plastic for bone collector3431 Implant care kit3432 Retrograde apicectomy soinc tips ass3433 Retrograde apicectomy microhead for microsurgery3434 Roseheab size 2 and inverted - cone bur size 2 for microsurgery3435 Powder for prophy jet instrument for polishing the teeth3436 Composite with glass Ionomer kit (compomer)3437 Condensable composite filling material3438 Prosthetics : Lecron carver3439 Wax Kinfe3440 Circular Saws-Small3441 Rubber Bowel (Small , medium , large )3442 Carborundundisc pk. Of 1003443 Modling Wax -Pack of 450 gm3444 Adaptable self adhesive plastic pattern , pack of 1003445 Casting & preparation wax (smooth & stippled ) pack of 153446 Cervical wax , pack3447 Hardening wax in packs3448 Inlay wax in packs3449 Plastic pattern assorted in packs3450 Wax pattern assorted in packs3451 Profiled wax assorted in packs3452 Wax wire for sprue in roles3453 Investment for low fusing metal pack 5 kg3454 Brass Flask for crown and bridge3455 Bross-Flask for acrylic work3456 Aluminium impression Trays , set of 4(upper &lower)3457 Articulating paper (Pack of 12)3458 Ready Made crown Shells for facing (Pack of 50)3459 Sintered diamond grinding burs assorted( set of 6 pcs)3460 Emery cloth (25m roll)3461 Gold Mold seal (500ml bottle)3462 Wax Carvers in 5 differnt. shape set of 5 )3463 Simple Articulator assorted3464 Impression tray S.S set of 63465 Impression paste (Z.O.E) (Pack of 2 Tubes)3466 Set of 6 teeth upper / lower3467 Complete Set of teeth of 283468 Posterior Acyrylic teeth , set of 8 teeth3469 Leather brushes for polishing3470 Investment for crome cobalt casting (pack of 20 kg)3471 Rubber polisher disc W50 (Pack of 100)3472 Rubber polisher disc W52 (Pack of 100)3473 Hard stone , die-stone (box 0f 3 kg)3474 Dental stone , pack of 3 Kg124 of 218

3475 Palatal Bars , pk. Of 10 pcs3476 Lingual Bars (Pack of 10 PCS)3477 S.S.Ready Made clasp. For acrylic pk. Of 253478 U.M Mold for T513479 Mandrels S.S Pack of 12 PCS3480 Press clamp one flask3481 Prosthetic steel burs set of 6 assorted3482 Solder Tweezer with Lock.3483 Base plate box Upper (50 PCS Pack)3484 Base Plate box Lower (50 PCS Pack)3485 Investment for high fusing alloys (5kg Pack)3486 Endodontic obturature assorted3487 Mandrel for Disc short. for contra- angle (kit of 6 pcs)3488 Plaster Spatula3489 Duplicating material , reversable type , 1 Kg pk.3490 Rouge Stick Block for metal polishing3491 Rouge Block for polishing Acrylic.3492 Rouge Block for Precious metal3493 Rouge Block for non precious metal polishing3494 Rouge block for perminant glass3495 Tracing stick compound suitable box of 100 pcs3496 Seperating medium3497 Chrome cobalt Alloy (1kg pack )3498 S.S Wire hard 0.83499 S.S wire hard 0.93500 S.S wire hard 1.03501 Steel wire (Clasp wire) 0.7 box 5mm x 10m3502 Steel wire (Clasp wire) 0.6 box 5mm x 10m3503 Steel wire (Clasp wire) 0.5 box 5mm x 10m3504 Impression compound (15 PCS Pack)3505 Pressure indicating past3506 Glasp bending pliers.3507 Wax Knife 17cm Length.3508 Flat Nose plier serrator 5mm3509 Pencil Nozzil F.50 Perlaplast.3510 Polishing comp, blue.3511 Polishing comp.3512 Ready made wax bite rim pk. Of 503513 Polyester Abrasive polishing roll3514 Simple Articulate (for crown and bridge work)3515 Dental Pliers3516 Brass wire Brush for Burs.3517 Cotton Mops.3518 Universal solder Normal Quality3519 Calcio buff pieces 100 mm.3520 Alginate Impression 450gm pack.3521 Rubber base (light body)3522 Rubber Base paste (heavy body )3523 Mundril for Sand Paper Wander 500 PCS Box of 6 pcs3524 Mandril for stright H.P.of 6 pcs3525 Sticks Hydrocolloid, box (60)3526 Robinson bristle Brush, box (5x10)3527 Chamols brush. Leather3528 Impression trays (Sectional), set of 6 pcs3529 Impression compound Plates, box of 63530 Dowel Pins (Pk. 100)125 of 218

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