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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

3638 Lingual buttons

3638 Lingual buttons for banding and bonding 10 pcs/pack3639 Universal solder in rods ( 25cm) 25 pcs/ pack3640 Elasto force plastic chain and thread assorted3641 Soldering clamps assorted3642 Activator tubes 10 pcs /pack3643 Orthocryl powder and liquid ( 1Kg/1000 ml)3644 Typodont complete3645 Jaw orthopedic study model assorted3646 Maxillary and Mandibular plastic models bonded and banded3647 Educational Materials ( pre- programmed VHS Vidio cassettes and slides3648 Tracing foils ( Acetate)3649 Tracing protractor template3650 Pressure Moulding system materials assorted blanks 100pcs / pk3651 Biocryl / Thickness :1.5 - clear , 1.5 - pink , 2.0 - clear , 2.0 - pink , 2.5 - clear3652 Duran / Thickness :1.5 - clear3653 Imprelon / Thickness: 2.5 - clear , 3.5 - clear3654 Imprelon / Thickness:1.5 - pink,2.5 - pink,3.0 - pink,4.0 - pink3655 Imprelon / Thickness:1.5 - opaque,2.5 - opaque ,3.0 - opaque ,4.0 - opaque3656 Durasoft / Thickness :1.8 Transparent ,3.8 Transparent3657 Copyplast Thinckness : 1.5 - opaque3658 Bioplast Thinckness : 2.0 Assorted color ,3.0 Assorted color ,4.0 Assorted color3659 Elaboration set quick content:1 Fissure bur,right ward cutting,left spiral2 Twistdrill,HSS,0.8mm2Lisko - S polishing discs1 Mandrel & 2 Supporting discs 1 Cross Cut Tungsten Carbide bur,conical3660 Tray Handles ,Aluminum: Long,Short3661 Blocking out putty transp3662 Pellet without Lead3663 Bonding Agent (perlibond)3664 Erkobox3665 Erkopor3666 Silencer Anti-Snoaring device3667 Orientation Balls For Radiographic Measuring of Bones Implant System3668 Erkosplit Introduct. Kit:2 Small,2 Large Base Moulds,20 Magent Chambers & 4 magent3669 Duotect System Assortment 16x5 pcs each +4 wax,Samples 80pcs3670 Cerani-Block Assortment3671 Wax Casting 6.5mm Diam3672 Wax Casting 8mm Diam3673 Casting Sprues Plastic (ass) 3.4mm + 7mm Diam3674 Protective eye wear3675 Face shield kit3676 Heat screen ( paste) 3.5 OZ/pack3677 Protection wax 100 ps/pack3678 Orthodontic tooth brush3679 Uprighting springs ( single & double) 10 pcs/pack3680 Quad helix assorted 10 pcs/pack3681 Direct Bond lingual retainer 20 pcs/pack3682 Lock pins brass assorted 1000 pcs/pack3683 Spring hard stainless steel wires in coils 0.5mm 50m/coil3684 Spring hard stainless steel wires in coils 0.6mm 40m/coil3685 Spring hard stainless steel wires in coils 0.7mm 30m/coil3686 Preformed lingual and palatal arches assorted 10pcs/pack3687 Arch wire template3688 Roth brackets (018&022 slot) for banding , 10 pcs/pk3689 Lingual brackets single case/ pk3690 Lingual instruments , assorted3691 Lingual presentation models3692 Ligual manual128 of 218

3693 Arch wire in colour ( Titanium molybdenum alloy)3694 Glass ionomer band cement in syringes3695 Cantiliver bite jumper kit3696 Magnatic molar distalization kit3697 Inter proximal stripper kit3698 Orthodontic appliance cleaner3699 Orthodontic appliance protection box3700 Saliva ejector system with tongue guard3701 Orthdontic photomirror S.S3702 Impression guard for braces3703 Brackets debonding kit3704 One piece check & tongue retractor3705 Rotating springs 10 pcs/pk3706 Adams claps , assorted 10pcs/pk3707 Standard labial arch , assorted , 10pcs/pk3708 Sliding tube , 10pcs/pk3709 Cephalometric image analysis programmes (C.D)3710 Tooth eruption guidance appliances (assorted)XIII GYNECOLOGY3711 Leech-wilkinson intrauterine cannula small,medium,large3712 Spackman Intra -Uterine cannula (with adjustable plate for Volsellum forceps) straight & curved(Taneculum)3713 Self retaining cannula3714 Provis Intra- uterine cannula3715 Sims Uterine curette small,medium,large3716 Sims Currette double ended - set.3717 Rheinstadler uterine flushing curette set of 3 sizes3718 Sharman endometrial biopsy curette3719 Drew-Smytho induction catheter3720 Rotunda Hospital pattern catheter (8,10) E.G 8 Inch3721 Hegar cervix dilator double ended set of 8 sizes (3 x4, 5x6,....15 x16)3722 Hegar cervix dilator single ended set of 16 sizes (2mm -17mm)3723 Stanley vaginal trainers dilator (small, medium, large)3724 Sims Vaginimus dilators set of 6 sizes3725 Gwilliam Hysterectomy FCS Straight3726 Gwilliam Hysterecyomy Curved3727 Maingot Hysterectpmy FCS straight3728 Maingot Hysterectpmy curved on flat3729 Bereley - Bonney Hyste FCS C.O.F3730 Bonney Hyste FCS angled on flat3731 Hysterectomy FCS set of 8 straight3732 Hysterectomy light curved3733 Hysterectomy Full curved3734 Bonney Vaginal FCS 13 1/2 cm3735 Wertheim parametroum FCS vaginal forceps3736 Wertheim Parametrium FCS (C,O.F)3737 Shirodkan Cervical clamp3738 Barnes obstetric FCS3739 Adreson obstetric FCS3740 Haig-Ferguson obstetric FCS3741 Kjelland obstetric FCS3742 Wrigley obstetric FCS3743 Zeppelin obstetric FCS3744 Green -Armytage haemostatic FCS3745 Mcclintock ovum FCS3746 Greenhalgh ovum FCS saenger type129 of 218

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