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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

4529 Rachis 91

4529 Rachis 91 software4530 Orthocryl Sealing Resin4531 Orthocryl Lamination Resin4532 pigment paste4533 Plastilen clay4534 Perlon Stockinette size 104535 Perlon Stockinette size 124536 Perlon Stockinette size 154537 Perlon Stockinette size 304538 Nylglass stockinette size 104539 Nylglass stockinette size 124540 Nylglass stockinette size 154541 Nylglass stockinette size 304542 Polypropylene sheet 4mm4543 Orthoplast (low temp. thermo plastic sheets)4544 Loctite 2414545 Pedilin Rigid foam 3004546 Hardener for Pedilin4547 Elastic webbing 25mm width4548 Elastic webbing 350mm(35cm)width4549 Calibrated measuring cups(400cc)4550 Plastazoat sheet 18mm (non perfor.)4551 Cyamet fast setting adhesive4552 Cotton stock size 104553 Cotton stock size 124554 Cotton stock size 154555 Cotton stock size 304556 Cupper Rivets(4x20)4557 Tubi grip size 84558 Tubi grip size 104559 Tubi grip size 124560 Tubi grip size 154561 Pryx or EVA for Insoles10-12mmthick4562 Surgical sissors4563 Adhesive tape 627 B4=254564 Adhesive tape 627 B1=254565 Double face adhesive tape 616 F104566 Surform half round blades4567 Surform round blades4568 T handled hex wrench size 44569 T handled hex wrench size 54570 T handled hex wrench size 104571 Wire cutter 706 Z4=2104572 Wire cutter 706 K3=2804573 Curved seaming pliers 706x5=B4574 Band saw blade 708 B4=15 (for wood)4575 Band saw blade 708 B6=8 (for Metal)|4576 Thermal gloves4577 Rubber sheets for shoe soles4578 Saw blade for cast cutter 756 Y34579 Spare motor for Belt sander 701 L6 & 701 L1 (701L6)4580 Spare grinding wheels(contact disk) (175 dia)4581 Spare grinding wheels(contact disk) (100dia)4582 Spare grinding belts 649 G15 (1650x100x24)4583 Spare grinding belts 649 G15 (1650x100x24)4584 Spare Router motor 701 F11144 of 218

4585 Storage container for glue4586 Revolving eyelet punch 701 A24587 Sets of spare punches & anvil4588 chisel/punch set 713 Z14589 Anvil PFP 735 A3=204590 735 L5 cobbler's stand4591 Back flow seal 755 Z74592 Sanding sleeve 749 Y8=40 (pack of 25 pcs)4593 Sanding sleeve 749 Y8=100 (pack of 25 pcs)4594 Woven carbon fiber glass stockinett 616 G14=104595 Tube cutter 719 R24596 Replacement blades for tube cutter4597 Allen wrench set 709 S164598 Ball hex head screw driver 709S11=44599 Adjustable pin wernch 709 Z24600 Precision saw blade guide4601 Casting rings set 743 A134602 Swivel chairs 758 H11=24603 Exam. chain 758 H6=24604 Work bench 758 A4=1.54605 Plaster bandage 699 G3=154606 Plaster bandage 699G3=204607 Fiber glass stockinette 616 G3=104608 Fiber glass stockinette 616 G3=154609 Orthogel liner size 1704610 Orthogel liner size 2104611 S.A.C.H. foot diff. size4612 Single Axis feet (diff. sizes)4613 Symes pirogoff's feet4614 S.A.C.H. foot adaptor4615 single axis foot adaptor4616 Knee joint (for through Knee)W.lock4617 Knee joint 3R17 (single axis)W.lock4618 Knee joint 3R154619 Knee joint (4 bar linkage 3R20)4620 Knee joint for Knee disarticulation4621 Extenstion Assist4622 Moduller Hip joint 7E74623 Flat pubber valve4624 Lamination Anchor for (4G70) for through Knee joint4625 Rotatable socket Adaptor 4R414626 Double adaptor with pyramid4627 Double adaptor diff. size4628 Socket adaptor with rotation pyramid 4R894629 Socket adaptor w. pyramid ,W. anchors & without 4R244630 Rotation adaptor 4R574631 Silicone liner (+3 casting dev.)4632 Stump socks (diff. size)4633 Cosmetic socks for Ak4634 Cosmetic socks for Bk4635 Hydrolic Knee joint4636 Suspension sleeve for BK4637 Suspension sleeve for AK4638 C leg4639 Pedilin soles4640 Pedilin toe145 of 218

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