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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

5411 AL 25412 AL 2

5411 AL 25412 AL 2 SH5413 AR 2 SH5414 AR 1 SH5415 Internal mammory LIMA5416 Internal mammory LIMA SH5417 Hockey stick5418 Hockey stich SH5419 PTCA Y-Adapter5420 PTCA Steering Handle5421 PTCA Insertion Tool5422 2L Bipolar.5423 Patches gore- tex vascular graft5424 Patches out flow patch dacron patch woven with low porocity5425 Patches inflow patch double velour polyester, single velour polyester5426 Valvesa. mitral valves size 25mm5427 size 27mm5428 size 29mm5429 size31mm5430 size 33mm5431 b.Aortic valves size 19mm5432 size 21mm5433 size 23mm5434 size 25mm5435 size 27mm5436 size 29mm5437 VASCULAR GRAFTS Goretex vascular grafts assorted size and shape.5438 Vascular grafts for hemodialysis5439 Dacron graft size 6mm5440 Dacron graft size 8mm5441 Dacron graft size 10mm5442 Bifurcated dacron grafts : Diameter 13mm x 6,5mm Length 40 cm5443 16mm x 8 mm 40 cm5444 19mm x 9,5mm 40 cm5445 22mm x 11 mm 40 cm5446 25mm x 12,5mm 40 cm5447 Goratex cardiovacular grafts :-Size 4mm5448 Goratex cardiovacular grafts :-Size 6mm5449 Goratex cardiovacular grafts :-Size 8mm5450 Dacron patches5451 Cardio vascular fabrics 4" x 4"5452 Flow meter unit central adapter carba extension5453 External pulse , Generator surgical extension cable5454 Fina press blood pressure monitory with replecement parts5455 Finochietto rib retractoi:infant size,aluminiun construction ,spread 3 5/16”(8.4cm)blades9/16(1.5cm),wide by ½” (1.3cm) deep arm length 2 1/8” (5.5cm).5456 Child size,spread 6” (15.3cm),blades 11 ¾” (4.5cm) deep by 2 5/8(6.6cm)wide ,arm length is 71/16”(18cm) curved arms .5457 Adult size ,medium spread 8 ½” (21.5cm)blades 1 ¾”(4.5cm)deep by 2 5/8” (6.6cm)wide ,armlength is 7 1/16”(18cm) curved arms .5458 Adult size larg,spread 8 ½” (21.5cm)blades 2 7/8”(7.3cm)deep by 2 5/8” (6.6cm)wide ,arm length is7 1/16”(18cm) curved arms .5459 Lemmon sternal retractor size:child5460 Medium adult5461 Larg adult5462 Ablaza –morserib approximator160 of 218

5463 Ablaza blanco cardiac valve retractor angultulated 13" long-blade 15mm wide5464 Favaloro left coronary artery scissors5465 Favaloro left atrial retractor5466 Favaloro self retaining retractor for internal mammary artery5467 Rail clamps for favaloro self retaining retractor for internal mammary artery5468 Thin debakey vascular tissue forceps 7 3/4" , 9 1/2 "5469 Pilling thin needle holder 6",8"5470 Duval tissue forceps,light ,screw lock box design serrated jaws .jawidth 14”(2.5),8”(20.5cm)5471 Lovelace tissue forceps,angled to side 1”(2.5cm) jaw ,7 ¼”(18.4cm)5472 Bruns bone curettes 9" (22.9cm) size 000,00,0,1,2,3,4 ( set of 7" curettes)5473 Debakey carbide edge scissors metzenbaum type scissors with tungste carbide : - 5 3/4" (14.6cm)5474 - 7" (17.7cm)5475 - 10 1/4" (26.0cm)5476 Debakey metzenbaum dissecting scissors curved blades theses scissors proportiontely matched inweight: 6" (15.2cm)5477 7" (17.7cm)5478 9" (22.8cm)5479 Nelson lobectomy scissors medium weight with rounded metzenbaum curved blades 8" (20cm)5480 Jorgenson scissors heavy,rigid body with acutely curved blades that taper5481 O?Brien - mayo scissors strong, heavy design,rounded tips,length 9 (22.8cm): Straight5482 O?Brien - mayo scissors strong, heavy design,rounded tips,length 9 (22.8cm): Curved5483 Rumel thoracic forceps, atraugrip set 45484 Rumel thoracic forceps child size standard serrated 7 1/2" (19.2cm):- C" curve5485 - D" curve5486 Debakey thoracic dissecting forceps- C" Curve 9" (23cm)5487 - D" curve 9"(23cm)5488 Debakey right angle forceps with full length longitudinal serrations cross serration at tip:- 7 ¼"(18.5cm)5489 - 10" (25.6cm)5490 Thoracic artery forceps, slim, slightly curved 1 3/4" (4/4 cm) jaws5491 Less Bronchus clamp with atraugrip jaw, jaw is 4cm long beyond angle forceps - 9 1/4" (23.5cm)long5492 Bronchus clamp, 25 angular atraugrip jaws and 505cm long beyond angle overall length - 9"(22.9cm)5493 Atlee bronchus clamp for preumonectiomies- 10" (25.4cm)length angle 1 5/8" (4.2cm)5494 Russian Tissue forceps:- 6" (15.5cm)5495 - 8" (20.5cm)5496 Adson tissue forceps, length 4 3/4" (12cm)- Serrated tip5497 - Tungesten carbide5498 Boney tissue forceps, strong , Rugged construction , mon - Slip handle 6 3/4" length (17.3cm):- 1 x2 teeth5499 - 2 x 3 teeth5500 Brown tissue forceps, small 9 x 9 sets of teeth run longitudinally along narrow jaw 8"5501 De bakey thoracic tissue forceps:- Straight 6" (15.3cm)5502 - Straight 9 1/2 (24.2cm)5503 De bakey vascular Tissue forceps:- Straight 6" (15.3cm)5504 - Straight 7 3/4" (19.8cm5505 - Straight 9 1/2" (24.2cm)5506 - Straight 12" (30.5cm)5507 - Angled 6" (15.3cm)5508 - Angled 7 3/4" (19.8cm)5509 - Angled 9 1/2" (24.2cm)5510 Cooley Jaw vascular forceps- 6 1/4" (15.9cm)161 of 218

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