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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

6568 Mill , Saph , Aorta

6568 Mill , Saph , Aorta , Tissue Forceps6569 Debakey Right Angle Forceps 7 “6570 Debakey Right Angle Forceps 9 “6571 Debakey Right Angle Forceps 11 “6572 Debakey Thoracic & Vascular Tissue Forceps 6 “6573 Debakey Thoracic & Vascular Tissue Forceps 7 3/4 “6574 Debakey Thoracic & Vascular Tissue Forceps 9 1/2 “6575 Horsley Bone Cutting Forceps6576 Anderson Cannula Holding Forceps6577 Hallman Tunneling Forceps6578 Needle holder : Castroviejo N. H6579 Mayo Needle Holder 9”6580 Micro Vascular Needle holder 6”6581 Micro Vascular Needle holder 6 3/46582 Micro Vascular Needle holder 8”6583 Retractor : Hook retractor Double- Blunt6584 Hook retractor Single - Sharp6585 Farabeuf retractor with blades6586 Gelpi retractor6587 Canny Ryall double blade retractor6588 Canny Ryall single & double retractor6589 Baily Rib retractor or Approximator6590 Kelly Retractor small6591 Kelly Retractor medium6592 Kelly Retractor large6593 Army- Navy Retractor6594 Fish Retractor small6595 Fish Retractor medium6596 Fish Retractor large6597 Davidson scapular Retractor 3 x 3 1/2 “6598 Henly retractor (set)6599 Allison lung Retractor neonate6600 Allison lung Retractor Anfant6601 Allison lung Retractor child6602 Allison lung Retractor small adult6603 Allison lung Retractor large adult6604 Narrow Richardson Appendectony Retractor6605 Weitlaner deaver Retractor6606 Ochsner ribbon Retarctor 2”6607 Ochsner ribbon Retarctor 1”6608 Vein Retractor6609 Weitlaner Retractor (Blunt prongs ) 6 1/26610 Weitlaner Retractor (Blunt prongs ) 5 1/26611 Ross Brachial Plexus Retractor6612 Walton Retractors - Copper maleable6613 Allison Mollison Rib Retractor6614 Allison Travers Rib Retractor6615 Cooley Atrial Retractor Right6616 Cooley Atrial Retactor left6617 Ross (Colley) Atrial Retractor right6618 Ross Aortic Retrator (Set of 6)6619 Blanco Valve Leaflet (Set of 3)6620 Burford -Finochietto Rib spreader6621 Finochietto Rib spreader-Adult6622 Finochietto Rib spreader-Iescenr6623 Finochietto Rib spreader-Infant182 of 218

6624 Tuffier Rib spreader6625 Weinberg Rib spreader (Paediatric size)6626 Debakey Rib & Sternum spreader adult with cternal blader6627 Debakeu child Rib spreader6628 Price Thonas Rib spreader6629 Scissors : Denis Browne scissors6630 Blood Vessel scissors6631 Mcindoe scissors 71/2”6632 Potts scissor with different angles 25,60, 90, 1206633 Nelson surgical scissors curved 9”6634 Potts scissons with different angles 90, 25, 120, 606635 Nelson surgical scissors deep rounded blade6636 Sympathectomy scissors6637 Fergussons scissors angled 7 1/26638 Fergussons scissons 8 1/46639 Finochietto thoracic scissors6640 Boyd scissors semisharp points6641 Woods tonsil scissors6642 Turner warwick dissectig scissors6643 Potts smith scissors angled 456644 Potts tenotomy scissors curved 6”6645 Debakey vascular scissors 7” 25 degree6646 Debakey vascular scissons 7” 45 degree6647 Debakey vascular scissons 7” 60 degree6648 Rongeur : Saverbruch Rongeur 13 mm6649 Saverbruch Rongeur 17 mm6650 Saverbruch Rongeur 20 mm6651 Stille type double action rongeur6652 Stille- lver type double action rongeur6653 Baily valve rongeur straight & down6654 Hine rongeur6655 Urschel first Rib rongeur6656 Urschel – Leksell rongeur6657 Shears : Bethune Rib shears6658 Roos first Rib shears6659 Tudor edward Rib shears6660 Giertz Rib shears6661 Price thomas rib shears6662 Liston Rib shears6663 Saverbruch sternum shears6664 Raspatory : Doyen raspatory adult right6665 Doyen raspatory adult left6666 Doyen raspatory child right6667 Doyen raspatory child left6668 Doyen raspatory infant right6669 Doyen raspatory infant left6670 Alexander raspatory large6671 Alexander raspatory small6672 Alexander raspatory infant6673 Overholt raspatory6674 Periosteal elevator : Cameron- height periosteal elevator6675 Alexander – Farabeut poriosteal elevator6676 Tudor- Edwardsperiosteal elevator6677 Price thomas periosteal elevator6678 Hook : Hammersmith valve hook shallow6679 Hammersmith valve hook medium183 of 218

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