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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

-spare parts catalogues

-spare parts catalogues (2 copies in english).fast mooring parts for each vehicle.- accident emergency tools:pregnancyholding crowbarelectrical cutterhydraulic jack work by foot to pull material parts.air compressorhanding cutter different sizefire extinguisher (qty 3)transmission tool (qty 3)- training for 3 engineers.optional equipment’s schedule ambulancevacuum matters with carrying handles.pump for vacuum mattressfolding stretcherinflatable splints, set of 4 in wallet.analgesic unit.nitronox cylinder (light weight)urinal, male.urinal, female.orthopedic scoop stretcherbrackets for scoop stretcher.heaped and hardness set for scoop stretcher.resuscitator complete with cylinder.restraining strap for resuscitator.aspirator, manualambulance chairbracket for ambulance chairfirst aid kit complete with case.penlightbedpananeroid sphygmomanometerstethoscope.otoscope.thought cut scissors.semi automatic defibrillator /monitorsecuring device for defibrillator /monitorartery forceps (spencer wells)dissecting forceps, plainscissors bandage.thermometernon woven acrylic blanket 60"x80" approx.cellar blanket unbleached 60"x80" approx.foam pillow, pcv coveredrestraining strap for vacuum flasksoxygen cylinder, bull nose (size f)cylinder keyoxygen flow meter /regulatorhumidifieroxygen face maskgreen bubble 30 foot rollH. RAW MATERIALS FOR LOCAL PRODUCTION OFMEDICINES1 Acetyl salicylic acid pregran p.s as per attached listUSP23,BP98204 of 218

2 Acid ascorbic fine powder USP 23, BP 983 Acid benzoic USP 23,BP 984 Acid Citric monohydrate USP 23, BP 985 Amiloride HCLUSP 23 BP986 Acid oleic USP 23,(NF18),BP987 Acid stearic proifiied 50 PPM butylated Hydroxy luene to be added USP23 (NF18), BP988 Amitriptyline HCL F.P BP989 Alcohol benzyl USP 23(NF18),BP9810 Alcohol cetostearyl USP23(NF18), BP9811 Atenolol BP9812 Alcohol phenyl ethyl USP2313 Aspartam USP 2314 Aluminium Hydroxid dried gel,loos density N.L.T 0.25 gm/ml USP23(M.L.T. as in BP98)15 Allopurinol F.pdr.BP98,USP2316 Acetazolamide BP98,USP2317 Antazoline phosphate USP2318 Aneurine HCL (thiamine HCL BP98,USP23)19 Acid citric anhydrous USP23,BP9820 Ampicillin trihydrate P.S 10% over 900micron50% over 400 micron90% over 100 micron Bulk density0.68+5% gm/ml USP23,BP9821 Acid Isoncotinic hydrazide USP23,BP9822 Benzoyl Metronidazol micronized USP 2323 Bromohexine HCL BP9824 Bismuth carbonate (subcarbonate ) BP9825 Bismuth subgallate BP9826 Betamethason disodium phosphate USP23,BP9827 Betamethazeone valerate v.f.p 100% should pass28 B.S seive NO.125 USP23,BP9829 Benzathin pencillin steril pdr>(ready for filling)30 BP98,USP2331 Captopril USP23,BP98 disulphit free32 Coffeine anhydrous fine pdr. BP98,USP2333 Calamine micronize (medium p.s 27 micro +M.L.T BP98,USP2334 Choli calciferol 40 million units/gm (vit .D3) USP23,BP9835 Cloxacillin sod. Compacted BP98,USP23 P.S10% over 900 micron50% over 400 micron90% over 100 micronBulk density 0.63 gm/ml36 Cephalexine monohydrate (bulk density 0.68 +5% gm/ml)P.S10% over 900 micron50% over 400 micron90% over 100 micronUSP23,BP9837 Cephalexin monohydrate v.f.p BP98,USP23 100% below 125 micron by microscopical exam.38 Calcium glycerophosphate BPC 6339 Calcium pantothinate USP23,BP9840 Calcium phosphate Dibasic USP2341 Calcium phosphate tribasic USP23(NF18),BP9842 Calcium sulphate dihydrate USP23(NF18)43 Comphor USP23,BP9844 Carneuba wax BP98 ,USP23(NF18)45 Cemitidine F.P BP98,USP23205 of 218

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