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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

46 Cetrimide BP9847

46 Cetrimide BP9847 Chloramphenicol micronized 85% less than 10 micron USP23,BP9848 Chlordiazepoxide (base) fine powder USP23,BP9849 Chlorbutol (chlorobutanol) USP23(NF18),BP9850 Chlorocresol BP98,USP23(NF18)51 Calcium chlorid 2H2O BP9852 Chloroxylenol BP98,USP2353 Chlorpheniramine maleate USP23,BP9854 Chlorpromazin HCL v.f.p USP23,BP9855 Clotrimazol micronized USP2356 Clidinium bromide USP2357 Clobetasol propionate as attached list58 Crossscarmellose sodium Type A USP23(NF18),BP9859 Codeine phosphate USP23,BP9860 Comperland KD(diethanolamide of coconut fatty acid ) ( spacial method)61 Cefatriaxone sodium For inj. USP23(steril for inj. ) ( ready for filling)62 Cyproheptidine HCL USP23,BP9863 Colour yellow no.10 W.S64 Colour opa dry white (specific method)65 Colour opa dry orange (specific method)66 Cefataxime sodium Steril pdr. For inj. (ready filling USP23,BP98)67 Cyanocobalamine USP23,BP9868 Colour Opa ox 5564 pink (specific method)69 Carbamazepine BP98,USP2370 Colour orang deep water soluble 2055 CFR-FDA colour addetives71 Colour mint 2076 CFR-FDA (colour additives)72 Dextromethorphan HBr. USP23,BP9873 Diastase malt J.P74 Dextropropoxyphene napsylate BP9875 Diethylamine salicylats PB9876 Diethylphthalate BP9877 Diclofenac sodium Fine powder white to off white cryst powder PH of 1% solution = 7-8.5 m.pHeavy metals : n.m.t. 10 ppmArsenic : n.m.t. 2 ppm (BP98)L.O.D : n.m.t. 0.5 %Assay : n.m.t. 99%Calcolated with referance to the dried substance by non aqueous titration USP23 supp678 Diphenhydramine HCL fine pdr. USP23,BP9879 Dexamethazone v.f.p USP23,BP9880 Dexamethazone sodium Phosphate USP23,BP9881 Dioctyl sodium Sulphosuccinate (Docusate sod. ) USP23,BP9882 Diphenoxylate HCL USP23,BP9883 Dextron 70 medical gradu.84 Dipyridamol 1pdr. BP98,USP2385 Doxycyclin hyclate BP98,USP2386 Digitoxin USP23,BP9887 Ethambutol HCL BP98,USP 2388 Ethyl cellulose standard type viscosity grade 20 centipose USP23(NF18)89 Extract protincture krameria to produce tincture krameria specification after diilution 1 = 4 BPC90 Eudragit L solid 100 (specific method )91 Eudragit E liquid 12.5 (specific method )92 Erythromycin ethyl succinate 100% below 125 micron by microscopical examUSP23,BP98(Bitter less )93 Erythromycin stearate BP98,USP2394 Ferrous fumarate USP23,BP9895 Furosemide fine powder BP98, USP 2396 Fluocinolone Acetonide USP23,BP9897 Framycetine sulphate BP98206 of 218

98 Gelatine powder USDP23(NF18) ,BP9899 Glycerol redistilled anhydrous USP23, BP98100 Glibenclamide powder BP98101 Glyceryl guiacolate ( guiaphenesin ) USP23,BP98102 Gramicidin micronized USP23103 Griseofulvin USP23 ,BP98104 Glucose monohydrate pdr. USP23,BP98105 Guar Gum (mypro guar ) Csaa 200 USP23(NF18)106 Glucose anhydrous USP23,BP98 pyrogem free for I.V sol.107 Gentamycin sulphate fine powder (steril) USP23,BP98108 Gentamycin sulphate USP23,BP98109 Hydrochlorthiazide powder USP23,BP98110 Homatropine methyl bromide USP23111 Hyoscin HBr . (scopolamine HBr.) USP23,BP98112 Hydroquinone USP23113 Iodochlorohydroxy quinolin USP23 ,BP98(Clioquinol)114 Ibuprofen very fine pdr., USP23,BP98115 Indomethacin micronized USP23,BP98 FOR CAP.116 Ispaghula husk rfined BP98117 Iso sorbide dinitrate (diluted) 25% in lactose USP23,BP98118 Lactose monohydrate BP98+ M.L.T as USP23(NF18)119 Lanoline Anhydrous (wool fat) USP23,BP98120 L-Leucine BP98,USP23121 Lidocaine BP98,USP23122 Lactose spray dried BP98,USP23(NF18)+M.L.T123 Lispol124 Lanoline alcohol (wool al.) USP23(NF18),BP98125 Magnesium carbonate lightloose dinsity 0.091 gm/ml 72 bulk density 0.101 gm/mjolts USP23,BP98+MLT126 Magnesium stearate ppt.Loose dinsity 0.15-0.2 gm/mlM.L.T as USP23,BP98+USP23(NF18)127 Magnesium chloride BP98,USP23 6H2O128 Metoclopromide HCL BP98129 L- menthol USP23130 Meprobamata pdr. USP23,BP98131 Mefenamic acid BP98132 Methyl cellulose USP23,BP98133 Methyl paraben USP23(NF18) ,BP98134 Methyl salicylate BP98,USP23(NF18)135 Mitronidazol USP23,BP98136 Mebendazol v.f.p USP23,BP98137 Manganese chloride anhydrous USP23138 Mannitol (parentral use )USP23,BP98139 Methyl Dopa USP23,BP98140 Neomycin sulphate USP23,BP98141 Nicotinamide USP23,BP98142 Nitrofurantion fine powder USP23,BP98143 Naphazoline nitrate BP98144 Nystatine v.f.p BP98,USP23145 Oil castor USP23,BP98146 Chocalate flaver CFR,FDA food additives147 Oil eucalyptus BP98148 Oil lavender NF16 BP80 add 2149 Oil lemon BP98150 Oil niaouli (cajuput oil ) french codex swiss151 Oil orange BP98207 of 218

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