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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

152 Orange soluble

152 Orange soluble flavourCFR,FDA food additive.153 Oil peppermint USP23(NF18),BP98154 Pineapple flavour CFR,FDA food additive155 Strawberry flavour CFR,FDA food additive156 Oil turpentine BP98157 Tutti frutti flav. CFR,FDA food additive158 Oleoresin capsicum, lightAbsoption of 0.5% capsicum in methanol at 444 m should on the limit of 0.3191 –0.3262 BPC73159 Oil cherry flavour160 Rasberry flavour CFR,FDA food additive161 Oxymetazolin HCL USP23162 Oil of terpineol BP98163 Orange flavor dry (soluble pdr) CFR,FDA food additive164 Oil spearmint Bp98165 Perfume for shampoo (pine shampoo 14183)166 Paracetamol USP23,BP98 for direct compression167 Paraffin hard BP98,USP23168 Paraffin liq. (mineral oil ) tocopheryl added 10 ppm USP23,BP98169 Paraffin soft whit (petrolatum ) melting range 40-56?c penetration nized no. 150-200170 Paraffin soft yellow melting point 40-56?c penetration no.150-200 BP98,USP23171 Pyrazinamide BP98,USP23172 Phenobarbitone (phenobarpital ) USP23,BP98173 Phenol cryst. USP23,BP98174 Phenyl ephrine HCL USP23,BP98175 Polyethylene glycol 4000 (macrogol) USP23(NF18),BP98176 Polyethylene glycol 6000 USP23(NF18)177 Polyvinyl pyrolidone M.WT . 44000 K value 30 (povdon),P.V.P BP98,USP23178 Potasium- chloride USP23,BP98179 Propylene gloycol BP98180 Propylhydroxybenzoate (propylparaben) USP23(NF18),BP98181 Pyridoxin HCL USP23,BP98182 Potasium- Hydroxide USP23(NF18),BP98183 Potasium -Phosphate monobasic USP23(NF18)184 Polyethylene glocol 400 USP23(NF18)185 Pseudoephedrine HCL USP23,BP98186 Promethazine HCL USP23,BP98187 Pipenzolate methyl bromide pure*Description : white cryst . pdr. With bitter test*Solubility : soluble in water , sliighty soluble in ether &acetone*Melting point : 180-183?c*Loss on drying at 105?c :N.M.T. 0.5%*Identification by I.R. , assay N.L.T. 99%188 Propranolol USP23,BP98189 Ranitidine HCL USP23,BP98 white pdr190 Riboflavine USP23,BP98191 Rifampicin tapped bulk density 0.7 gm/ml USP23,BP98192 Saccharine sodium USP23,BP98193 Sodium Bicarbonate BP98,USP23194 Sodium Carboxymethyl cellulose (carmellose sod.)*Viscosity of 1% solution 275 c.p.s.*P.S 99.5% passes 60 mesh B.S USP23,BP98195 Sodium Chloride BP98,USP23 for J.V solution196 Di. Sodium Edetate pure BP98,USP23197 Sodium Metabisulphite USP23(NF18),BP98198 Sodium Phosphate monbasic analytical reagent USP23199 Spermacetti BPC68,USP23200 Sulphacetamide sodium BP98,USP23208 of 218

201 Sulphanilamide (streptocid) extrapure BPC68 SPX202 Salbutamol sulphate Bp98203 Sodium Lauryl sulphate USP23(NF18),BP98204 Sodium Lactate 60% solution in P.E cont.205 Sulphamethoxazol ( micronized) USP23,BP98206 Talc v.f.p USP23,BP98207 Theophylline anhydrous USP23,BP98208 Thymol USP23(NF18),BP98209 Titanium dioxide USP23,BP98210 Di-X-Tocopheryl acetate oily BP98211 Tween 80 (poly sobate 80) BP98,USP23(NF18)212 Triprolidine HCL BP98,USP23213 Tetracycline HCL USP23,BP98214 Vitamin A acetate 500 000 I.U/gm powder appearance light yellow , fine gran pdr fineness 100%215 Vitamin E adsorbate 33% or 50% pharmaceutical grade BP98,USP23 appearance fine216 Vitamin A- palmitate 1M IU/ gm appearance : yellow ,oily liq. May crystllize on storagePeroxide value (lea) max 10Acid value max 20UV absorption in isopropanola)mix absorption : at 325-327 mmb) ralative extinction :-at 300 nm max. 0.593-at 350 nm max. 0.537-at 370 nm max. 0.142Vitamin A content min. 1.OM I.U/g specify:1-dileumt oil2- antiaxidantUSP23,BP98217 Veegum H.V. (alum. Mag. Silicate ) ( viscosity st. 5%) 250 CP. USP23(NF18),BP98218 Witapsol H35 (hard fat ) USP23(NF18),BP98219 Witepsol H37 (hard fat ) BP98,USP23(NF18)220 Yellow iron oxide colour CFR, FDA colour add221 Zinc oxide BP98,USP23222 Benzyl penicillin G sod. Sterile ready for filling BP98,USP23223 Fortified procain penicillin sterile for inj. (ready for filling ) ( 400 000int unit ) content of total224 Streptomycin sulphate sterile pdr. For inj. (ready for filling ) BP98,USP23225 Ampicillin sodium Sterile for inj. Crystalline ( ready for filling ) USP23,BP98226 Ampicillin Trihydrate V.F.P. particale size 100% bellow 125 micro. By microscopical exam.227 Avicel pH 102 ( microcrystallin cellulose) avarage P.S. 90 micro BP98,USP23(NF18)228 Amoxycillin Trihydrate v.f.p. 100% bellow 125 micro. When exam under microscop.229 Amoxycillin Trihydrate compacte bulk density 0.68+ 5% gm/mlSieve analysis 10% over 900 micro50% over 40090% over 100USP23,BP98230 Chloramphenicol palmitate micro. P.S 100% bellow 100 micron by microscopical exam231 Creatinine chemical pure USP23232 Cetanacrogal ( cetamac 1000 ) BP98233 Cephalothin sodium Sterile pdr. For inj. BP98, USP23 (ready for filling )234 Calcium Carbonate light fin pdr. Loose density 0.3-o.4 gm/ml235 Tapped density 0.5- 0.7 gm/ml BP98236 Colour orange deep 2025 CFR,FDA color food add.237 Chloramphenicol USP23,BP98238 Colour deep orange alum. Lake ZLTI CFR,FDA color add.239 Colour bannana green H8747 CFR,FDA color add.240 Colour erythrocin FD&C. No. 3 CFR,FDA241 Colour green alum. Kake ZLT601 CFR,FDA color add.242 Chlorhexidine gluconate BP98209 of 218

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