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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch


LACQUERED ALUMINIUM FOIL, CORE DIAMETER 75-76 MM , MAX OUTER DIAMETER346 WIDTH 207 MM347 WIDTH 191 MM348 WIDTH 159 MM349 WIDTH 167 MM350 WIDTH 223 MM351 WIDTH 159 MM ORANGE COLOUER.352 WIDTH 159 MM Whit opic353 WIDTH 251MM 400 Miron thichness354 3- RIGID P.V.C sheets plain , white colourthicknes 0.4 mm ,width 130 mmcore diameter 70 mmmax . out side reel diameter 400 mm( container for vials )N.B/ ONE SAMPLE ROLL IS NEEDED FOR EVALUATION .PACKING/ REEL TO BE WRAPPED WITH BLACKPOLYETHYLENE &TO BE PACKED IN ASTRONG WOODENCASES OF 8 REEL WITH A WOODEN BAR INSIDE THECORES OF EACH 2 ABOVE REEL .1 ECG machine2 Stethoscope3 Sphygmomanometer4 Ophthalmoscope direct5 Ophthalmoscope indirect6 Ophthalmoscope (special)I. BASIC MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTS218 of 218

Additions to Green List Health / December 2000Additions to Green List Health / December 2000HEALTH:List of additional items to be notified by the Secretariat without circulation to the COMMITTEE (as of19/02/01)*SECTION A : DRUGSSERIALNAMENO.CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMANTI-HYPERTENSIVE DRUGS1 Candesartan cilexetil2 Perindopril Tert-butylamine erbumine3 Ramipril scored tab or capGASTRO-INTESTINAL SYSTEMDRUGS THAT PROMOTE HEALING OF PEPTIC ULCERS4 Rabeprazole sodium enteric coated (or gastro-resistant) tabLAXATIVES5 Sodium picosulfate (drop)DRUG USED IN PARKINSONISM6 Pergolide as mesylate tabDRUGS USED IN TREATMENT OF INFECTIONSANTIBACTERIAL DRUGSOthers7 Grepa floxacin (as Hcl) tab8 Levofloxacin Scored tab9 Levofloxacin I.V. infusion bottle10 Ofloxacin Scored tab11 Ofloxacin tab12 Ofloxacin I.V. in fusion (as Hcl)ANTIVIRAL DRUGS13 Didanosine (DDI) tab14 Foscarnet sodium hexahydrate I.V. infusion15 Indinavir (as sulphate) cap16 Lamivudine (3TC) tab17 Stavudine (d4t) cap18 Tribavirin (Ribavirin) inhalation: 6g for Reconstitution with 300ml water for inj (vial) + device foradministration.19 Tribavirin (Ribavirin ) cap20 Zalcitabine (DDC) tabDRUGS FOR ENDOCRINE AND METABOLIC DISORDERSFEMALE SEX HORMONES21 Raloxifene Hcl (F/C)22 Tibolone tabMALE SEX HORMONES AND ANTI-ANDROGENS23 Recombinant CRF ( corticotrophin releasing Factor) amp (if it's of human products ,must beavailable as recombinant)24 Recombinant PTH (Parathyroid Hormone (parathrin) amp )(if it's of human products ,must beavailable as recombinant)GENITO-URINARY DISORDERSDRUGS USED IN URINARY TRACT DISORDERS25 Oxybutynin Hcl tab* If an application contains any components or additional items notifiable under SCR 1051, such application MUSTbe circulated to the COMMITTEE.

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