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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

Additions to Green List

Additions to Green List Health / December 2000128 Casein 25disks129 Cheddar cheese 25disks130 Mold cheese 25disks131 Food (fish)Cod fish 25disks132 Herring 25disks133 Trout 25disks134 Tuna 25disks135 Salmon 25disks136 Eel 25disks137 Perch 25disks138 Food (Shellfish -Mollusc)Crab 25disks139 Shrimp 25disks140 Mussel 25disks141 Spiny lobster 25disks142 Lobster 25disks143 Food (meat)Pork ) 25disks144 Beef 25disks145 Goose 25disks146 Duck 25disks147 Chicken 25disks148 Sheep 25disks149 Food (Fruits)Banana 25disks150 Grapefrot 25disks151 Lemon 25disks152 Orange 25disks153 Strawberry 25disks154 Apple 25disks155 Pineapple 25disks156 Kiwi 25disks157 Melon 25disks158 Mango 25disks159 Pear 25disks160 Peech 25disks161 Avocado 25disks162 Food (vegetables)Green pea 25disks163 Soybean 25disks164 White bean 25disks165 Tomato 25disks166 Carrot 25disks167 Potatoe 25disks168 Garlic 25disks169 Celery 25disks170 Parsly 25disks171 Cabbage lettuce 25disks172 Onion 25disks173 NutsSesame seed 25disks174 Peanut 25disks175 Walnut 25disks176 Hazelnut 25disks177 Sweet chestnut 25disks178 Almond 25disks179 Coconut 25disks* If an application contains any components or additional items notifiable under SCR 1051, such application MUSTbe circulated to the COMMITTEE.

Additions to Green List Health / December 2000180 Pecan 25disks181 Gluten 25disks182 Cereals & FloursWheat 25disks183 Rye 25disks184 Barley 25disks185 Oat 25disks186 Corn 25disks187 Rice 25disks188 Buckwheat 25disks189 Millet 25disks190 SpicesMustard 25disks191 Black pepper 25disks192 Red pepper 25disks193 Nutmeg 25disks194 Food (miscellaneous)Bakers yeast 25disks195 Cocoa 25disks196 Coffee 25disks197 Malt 25disks198 Chocolate 25disks199 Cotton seed 25disks200 Tea 25disks201 Insects/ VenomsHoneybee venom 25disks202 Yellow jacker venom 25disks203 Paper wasp 25disks204 Yellow hornet venom 25disks205 Cockroach (german) venom 25disks206 Bumble bee venom 25disks207 Black ant venom 25disks208 Horsefly venom 25disks209 Fire ant venom 25disks210 Stinging midoe gnat venom 25disks211 Green nimiti midge venom 25disks212 Blood worm venom 25disks213 Hornet venom 25disks214 Cockroach 25disks215 DrugsPenicilloyl G# 25disks216 Penicilloyl V# 25disks217 Acth 25disks218 Chymopapin (discase) 25disks219 Insulin poricine 25disks220 Insulin bovine 25disks221 Insulin human 25disks222 ParasitesAscaris 25disks223 Echinococcus 25disks224 Allergens (work enviroonment ) Schistosoma 25disks225 Green coffee bean 25disks226 Castor bean 25disks227 Isphagula 25disks228 Silk waste 25disks229 Silk 25disks230 Isocyanate TDI # 25disks231 Isocyanate MDI # 25disks* If an application contains any components or additional items notifiable under SCR 1051, such application MUSTbe circulated to the COMMITTEE.

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