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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

Additions to Green List

Additions to Green List Health / December 2000232 Isocyanate HDI # 25disks233 Phthalic anhydride # 25disks234 Hops 25disks235 Cotton cultivated 25disks236 Sheep?s wool 25disks237 Formaldehyde # 25disks238 Ficus Sp 25disks239 Latex 25disks240 Trimellitic acid anhydride # 25disks241 Sunflower pip 25disks242 Chloramine- T# 25disks243 MicellarSeminal fluid 25disks244 Human serum albumin 25disks245 Allergens: Pollens (Plants & flowers)Common ragweed (short) (ambrosia elator) 25disks246 Western ragweed (Ambrosia psilostachya) 25disks247 Giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) 25disks248 Flase ragweed (franseria acanthicarpa) 25disks249 Wormwood (sagebrush ) (artemisia absinthium) 25disks250 Mugwort (sagebrush ) (artemisia Vulgaris) 25disks251 Ox-Eye daisy 25disks252 Dandelion (taraxacum officinale) 25disks253 English plantain (plintigo lanceolata) 25disks254 Lambsquarters (chenopodium album) 25disks255 Russian thistie (solidago canadensis) 25disks256 Cocklebur 25disks257 Pigweed (rough redroot) ( amaranthus retroflexus) 25disks258 Scale (Atriplex entiformis) 25disks259 Marsh elder (rough) (Iva ciliata) 25disks260 Firebush (Kochia) (kochia scoparia) 25disks261 Parietaria officinalis 25disks262 Parietaria Judaica 25disks263 Geranium 25disks264 Rose 25disks265 Tulip 25disks266 Colza 25disks267 Camomile 25disks268 Primrose 25disks269 Sheep sorrel (rumex actosella) 25disks270 Spiny pigweed (amaranthus spinosus) 25disks271 Careless weed (amaranthus palmri) 25disks272 Nettle (urtica lyalli) 25disks273 Graminaceae & cerealsSweet vernal grass (anthoxanthum odoratum) 25disks274 Bermuda grass (cynogon dactylon) 25disks275 Orchard grass (dactylis glomerata) 25disks276 Meadow fescue (festuca elatior) 25disks277 Perennial ryegrass (lolium perenne) 25disks278 Timothy grass (phleum pratense) 25disks279 Common reed (phragmites communis) 25disks280 June grass (kentucky bluegrass /poa pratensis) 25disks281 Redtop (bentgrass/ agrostis alba) 25disks282 johnson grass (sorghum halepense) 25disks* If an application contains any components or additional items notifiable under SCR 1051, such application MUSTbe circulated to the COMMITTEE.

Additions to Green List Health / December 2000283 Brome grass (bromus inermis) 25disks284 Cultivated ryp (secale cereale) 25disks285 Vel vet grass (holcus lanatus) 25disks286 Pollens (Graminaceae & cerals )Cultivated oat pollen (avena sativa) 25disks287 Wheat 25disks288 Meadow poxtail (alopecurus pratensis) 25disks289 Bahia giass (paspalum notatum) 25disks290 Barley 25disks291 Corn 25disks292 Slat grass (distichlis spicata) 25disks293 Cultibated wheat (triticum aestivum) 25disks294 TreesMaple (box elder) 25disks295 Alder (alnus incana) 25disks296 Birch (betula verrucosa) 25disks297 Hazelnut (corylus americana) 25disks298 Beech (fagus grandifolia) 25disks299 Mountain cedir (juniperus sabinoids) 25disks300 White oak (quersuc alba) 25disks301 Elm (ulmus americana) 25disks302 Olive (olea europaca) 25disks303 California black walnut (juglans califomia) 25disks304 Sycamore (planatu acerifolia) 25disks305 willow (salix nigra) 25disks306 Cottonwood (pepulus deltoides) 25disks307 White ash (fraxinus americana) 25disks308 White pine (Pinus stropus) 25disks309 Chestnut 25disks310 Eucalyptus (eucalyptus Globulus) 25disks311 mimosa 25disks312 Pribet 25disks313 Lilac 25disks314 Italian cypress 25disks315 Lime tree 25disks316 Elder 25 disks317 Pecan (carya pecin) 25disks318 Black walnut (Juglans nigra) 25disks319 Masquite (prosopis Juliflora) 25disks320 Live oak (quercus irginiana) 25disks321 Australian pine (casuarina equisetifolia) 25disks322 Pepper tree (schinus molle) 25 disks323 Queen palm (cocos pulmosa) 25disks324 mealeuca leucadendron) 25disks325 Screening test for HBS Ag (Elisa)326 Rubber cement 50 gm327 Slide mouse stomach kidney 1 x 8 wells (slide)328 Slides Mouse Kidney 1 x 4 wells slides329 Slides Mouse Kidney 1 x 8 wells slides330 Mouse Stomach / Kidney 6 x 8 wells slides331 Monkey ovary slide 12 x 4 wells slides332 Monkey pencrease 12 x 4 wells slides333 Monkey Thyroid slide 12 x 4 wells slides334 Rat colon, slide 12 x 4 wells slides* If an application contains any components or additional items notifiable under SCR 1051, such application MUSTbe circulated to the COMMITTEE.

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