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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

1773 azathioprine tab

1773 azathioprine tab 50mg1774 azathioprine inj 50mg1775 corynebacterium pravum inj 7mg1776 cyclosporine cap 25mg1777 cyclosporine cap 100mg1778 cyclosporine oral sol 100mg/ml1779 cyclosporine inj 50mg/ml amp1780 cyclosporine inj 250mg/5ml amp1781 Interferon alfa-2a inj 9 million units /0.5cc(without human serum albumin)IM/S.C single dose vial1782 Interferon alfa-2a inj 3 million units IM,SC.single dose vial1783 Interferon alfa-2a inj 6 million units IM,SC.single dose vial1784 beta Interferon 1a inj 6 million IU /0.5ml S.C inj1785 ATG (anti-thymocytic- globulin)1786 Cytotect ( cytomegalavirus antiglobulin)1787 Mycophenolate mofetil cap 250mg1788 Mycophenolate mofetil tab 500mg1789 Tacrolimus cap 1mg1790 Tacrolimus cap 5mg1791 Tacrolimus concentrate for I.V infusion 5mg/ml -1ml amp to be diluted before use15C DRUGS USED IN NEUTROPENIA1792 Molgramostim (GM-CSF) recombinant human granulocyte macrophage -colony stimulatingfactor inj :150mcg vial1793 Molgramostim (GM-CSF) recombinant human granulocyte macrophage -colony stimulatingfactor inj :300mcg vial1794 Filgrastim sc./IV infusion inj (solution) 300mcg /1ml vial1795 Filgrastim sc./IV infusion inj (solution) 480mcg /1.6ml vial15D TAXOID GROUP1796 docetaxel as trihydrate inj 20mg vial15E CYTOSTATIC TOPOISOMERASE (1) INHIBITOR1797 irinotecan Hcl trihydrate inj 40mg/2ml vial concentrate for infusion IV. Infusion1798 irinotecan Hcl trihydrate inj 100mg/2ml vial concentrate for infusion IV. InfusionB. IMMUNOLOGICAL PRODUCTSIMMUNOLOGICAL PRODUCTSPASSIVE IMMUNISATION1 Antihepatitis B virus immunoglobulin2 anti-D immunoglobulin inj 125mcg or 150mcg(the concentration must be written as IU which isequivalent to its concentration in mcg on the label)3 anti-D immunoglobulin inj 250mcg or 300 mcg(the concentration must be written as IU which isequivalent to its concentration in mcg on the label)4 freez – dried human immunoglobulin i.v inj 2.5 gm or 3gm (powder)5 freez – dried human immunoglobulin i.v inj 5g or 6g (powder)6 gamma globulin inj 16%7 snake bite antivenom vial polyvalent for snake, scorpion and spiders8 Rho (D) immunoglobulin (human)IV,IM inj 1500 IU (300mcg) anti D(by nanofilteration and SDFmethod)9 Rho (D) immunoglobulin (human)IV,IM inj 600 IU (120mcg) anti D(by nanofilteration and SDFmethod)10 Antiscorpion venom serum11 antisnake venom serum12 tetanus human immunoglobulin 250 IUANTIDOTES AND DRUGS USED IN TREATMENT OF ACUTE POISINING13 Acytyl cysteine10ml amp of 20% w/v aqueous solution each containing 2g I.e(200mg/ml)14 Ammonoium chloride powder 500g16 benztropine mesylate inj 1mg/ml (1ml amp)17 activated charcoal powder (Sachet of 5gm)38 of 218

18 charcoal, hemoperfusion19 Activated charcoal 50g single dose plastic bottle of colloidel susp20 desferrioxamine mesylate inj 500mg vial21 digoxin specific antibody fragment 40mg vial22 dimercaprol inj 5% 2ml amp in arachis oil (5mg/ml)23 dimercaprol inj 10% w/v24 drostanol one pyrpionate 100mg inj.25 fullers earth powder (60g sterile fuller's earth)26 ipecacuanha syrup usp.27 magnesium sulphate mixure B.P28 methionine tab 250mg29 methylene blue inj 1% (10ml amp)30 naloxone Hcl inj 400mcg/ml (1ml amp)31 noradrinaline acid tartrate 2mg/ml, (2ml amp) inj32 noradrinaline acid tartrate 2mg/ml, (4ml amp) inj33 prussian blue oral powder kg (Potassium ferric hexacyanon ferrate)1kg34 Simethicone foaming detergent35 Sodium calcium edetate inj 1g/5ml (5ml Amp)36 sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate 20g amp37 sodium nitrite inj sterile solution of sod nitrate 3% in water for inj38 sodium thiosulphate inj 25% (50ml amp)39 sodium thiosulphate inj 50% (50ml amp)40 starch powder kg.41 thiotic acid inj 500mgC. CONTRAST MEDIA, CHEMICALS andMISCELLANEOUS ITEMS INCLUDED IN THENATIONAL LIST OF DRUGSCONTRAST MEDIA1 Metrizamide (Amipaque)2 Meglumin diatrizoate 50ml vial(Angiografin 50cc vial)3 Barium sulphate powder for oral use(kg)4 Barium sulphate 92.38g/100g powder for rectal suspension (micropaque,neobar)5 Calcium ipodate caps6 Meglumine iothalamate 60% 20ml amp inj (Conray 280)7 Meglumine iothalamate 60% 50ml bottle inj (Conray 280)8 Sod. iothalamate 54% 20ml (conray 325)9 Sod. iothalamate 54% 20ml (conray 320)10 Sod. iothalamate 54% in bottle of 50ml (conray 320 )11 Sod. Iothalamate 54% in bottle of 50ml (Conray 325) 50ml12 Sod. Iothalamate 70% in amp of 20ml (Conray 420)13 Sod. iothalamate 70% in bottle of 50ml (Conray 420)14 Diodone viscous jelly tube.15 Eff. Co2 liberating agents for oral use(Gastroluff tab,Gastrovison sachet)16 Ethyl monoiodo stearate oily liquid amp.17 Sod.and meglumine ioxaglate 320mg of iodine/ml 200ml (Hexabrix 320 200ml)18 Sod. ditrizoate 50% Vial (Haypaque 50% 50 cc).19 Sod. ditrizoate 65% Vial (Haypaque 65% 50 cc).20 Meglumine ioxaglate 39.3%+sod. Ioxaglate 19.65% 50ml vial (Hexabrix 320 50ml)21 Meglumine ioxaglate 39.3%+sod. Loxaglate 19.65% 50ml vial (Hexabrix oral)22 Iodised oil fluid amp 10ml amp (lipiodol ultra fluid)23 Iohexol oral (omnipaque)24 Iopamidol 300mg 10ml (iopamiro)25 Iopamidol 150mg, 50ml (iopamiro)26 Iopamidol 300 in bottle of 50ml (iopamiro)39 of 218

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