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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

36 Gloves (surgical)

36 Gloves (surgical) latex, sterile Size 6, 6 1/2, 7, 7 1/2, 8, 8 1/2 peel pack37 Needle Special guide for spinal needle G20 x 1 3/4.38 Needle sterile 0.8 x 40 mm39 Nylon for tablet (dispensing bags 100 PCS )40 Quadruple plastic Blood bag sterile with CPDA solution 450ml capacity41 Rectal tube- Length 40 cm .size 18,20,24,27,30,33,3642 Rubber Gloves examination small , medium , Large (Pack x100)43 Single plastic blood bag disp. sterile with CPDA solution 450ml capacity44 Three ways Stopcock connector45 Tongue Wood depressor. (Pack x 100 PCS)46 Disposable Syringe BCG with needle G27 ,3/8”47 safety box for used syringes and needles,5L48 Autodestr. syringe 0.1ml for BCG49 Autodestr. syringe 0.5 ml50 Over all nylon dress51 Eye surgery operating sheet52 Arterial sampler syringe , 1cc containing lithium heparinMiscellaneousDisposable Intravenous catheter G 3 ,4 ,553 Disposable Intravenous catheter G 3 ,4 ,554 Heparinized syringes55 Automatic syringe for large volume injection rapid repeat injection and automatic dispersing56 Measured volume administration set pediatric use57 Tube clipper58 Double Blood Bags 450 ml59 Disposable one c.c syringe with needle G30 1/2 , G 2360 Blood bags for collecting fresh bloodDRESSINGS61 Abdominal pad P.B 30 x 3062 Abdominal pad P.B 38 x 1363 Aluderm (aluminimum) dressing sheet. ass.Sizes sheets64 Band aid 2.2 x 2.265 Band aid 7.5 x 1.9 M66 Band aid composite67 Biobrane Biological sheet dressing68 Cellulose wadding roll of 500gm69 Cotton Bandage 2 1/2",4",6" x 5mt70 Cotton 500gm71 Elastic adhesive plaster Elasto Plast 2",3",4" x 4.5m72 Everett injection swab73 Grep Bandage 2" ,3",4",6" X 4.5mt74 Gauze X-Ray absorbent roll 90cm x 5mt roll75 Gypsona 2" plaster of paris 2" ,3",4",6",8" X 2.7mt76 Jobskin pressure Garment Cloth77 Kaltostat Absorbant Haemostatic Wound Dressings ass. Sizes sheets.78 Adhesive sterile ass. Sizes sheets.79 P.R regal swab 5x5,7.5x7.5,10 x1080 Patient ready 5 cotton wool balls BPS large sterile pack of 15x15 Band81 Plaster 1" ,2",3",4"82 Skin traction adult83 Skin traction child84 Soffban Orthopaedic size 2,4,6,885 Surgical gauze Swabs 5x5 , 10x10 , 20x10 , 45x45 cm (Pack of100 PCS)86 Triangular Bandage87 Tubigrip (Sleeve Tubes) for Fingers upper limb , Lower Limb, Body grip sizes A,B,C,D,E,F,G88 Tubinet ass. Size.89 Tubitone - ass. Sizes (each size)90 White absorbent Gauze roll 90cm x 5mt roll91 Zinc Plaster 1",2",3",4" x 5 m46 of 218

92 Hypal tape 2 , hypoallergenic tape 7.5cm roll assortedRadiology93 Cleaner Powder (Developer)94 Dental Film 3 x 4 cm (box of 150 film)95 Occlusal 5x7 cm96 Developer Liquid to make 40 L.97 Fixer Liquid to make 40 L.98 Intensifying screen (Typerare earth ) size 14 x 17 , 14x14 , 12x15 , 10x12 , 8x10 , 6x15 inch99 Polaroid film B.w 667 (Box of 20 Film)100 Polaroid film B.W 669 (Box of 16 Film)101 Roll film size 70mm x 30 m &70mmx45m102 X-Ray Cassette size 14 x 17" , 14x14 , 12x15 , 10x12 , 8x10 , 6x15 inch103 X-Ray Film size (Box of 100 film) , 14 x 17" , 14x14 , 12x15 , 10x12 , 8x10 , 6x15 inch104 Single coated x- ray film for DSA angiography105 X-Ray Hanger Size 14 x 17", 14x14 , 12x15 , 10x12 , 8x10 , 6x15 inch106 Barium for wall protection107 Chest stand for X-Ray of the chest108 Dark room pass Boxes.109 Dark room stainless steel tanks.110 Lead – Leather111 Viewing Box for x-rays single, double , triple112 X-Ray Cutter Size 14 x 17113 Dark Room X-Ray Dryer (Electrical)114 Box of 150 personal radiation monitoring films (3x4cm) type 2115 Unifix fixer powder to make (1 x 25 L.) each box116 Rolls Mitsubishi standard thermal paper to be used with P66B/P61B/P67B printers 180 prints per117 Double side Lead apron length-95cm 0.5mm lead equivalent.118 Front & half back lead apron (90cm,0.5mpb)119 Double side Lead apron Length-120cm. 0.5mm Lead equivalent120 Apron Pedestals mounted on sturdy base for multiapron (Double side apron) 10 aprons 90cm121 Lead-Glass spectacles light weight metal frames 0.5mm122 Seamless X-Ray gloves 0.25mm Pair medium123 Mobile protective shield 70 cm wide, 45cm high , 0.5mmpb124 Mobile protective shield 70cm wide,122cm high,0.5mm.125 Thyroid collar adjustable to any neck size (0.5mm)126 High mark radiopaque box Set Content: - A-Z lead letters - 0-9 Lead Mumbers127 Guide Strip for old combilabor cine film processor128 Dental film 2 X 3 cm (Box of 150 film)129 OPG X-Ray film 6 x 12" (Box of 100 film)130 Knutsenson clamp for urethrography131 Pneumo colon132 Sialography set133 Mammography X-Ray film (Box of 100 film)134 X-ray Film 8x10 inch single coated to DSA (Box of 100 film)135 Panoramic x-ray Film 15x30cm136 Cephalometric x-ray film 18x24cm137 X-Ray film for Automatic Developer138 Alfa sceptics price cine film Rolls of (35mm x 90m) or Kodak CFE film (35mm x 85m)139 Empty plastic Roles for cine film140 X-Ray Film size 14x17 inch Type (I.R.B) for CT-Scanner (Box of 100 film)141 X-Ray film size 18 x 24 , 30x40 , 35x43 , 35x35, 30x24 cm (Box of 100)142 X - Ray gown143 Lode RIBA144 Autolix – Lancet145 Adhesive tapes for cine film Processor oldelft Combilabor processor.146 Box D198 Developer powder to make (2x25 L.) each Box147 FIXED CORE TEFLON GUIDEWIRESCOATED STRAIGHT END 035" , 038"47 of 218

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