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a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

a. pharmaceuticals (finished products) for all ... - Iraq Watch

1139 Clamp microsurgery

1139 Clamp microsurgery double with suture Arterial 14mm 35mg1140 Clamp microsurgery double with suture holder Arterial 17mm 45mg1141 Clamp microsurgery double with suture holder Arterial 25mm 75mg1142 Clamp microsurgery Approximator with suture holding farme sizes 14 mm venous 17mm 25gm35mm rte 45gm 75gm1143 Dermatoaes : Davies powered, 7.3cm1144 Davies powered, blades1145 Cobbett , modificaton of braith waite skin graft knife1146 Braith waite skin graft knife1147 Blades for above sterile indidually packed1148 Silver skin graft knife1149 Rosenberg skin graft knife1150 Rosemperg mini skin graft knife1151 Bladf for mini skin graft knife1152 Dermabrador :Bodeuham cylinder 16x19mm1153 Bodeuham cylinder 29x 19mm1154 Elevators & Raspatories: Freer double ended elev and separator1155 Cleft palate raspatory right1156 Cleft palate raspatory left1157 Bersky sleft palate raspatory1158 Doyen rib rispatory child, curved to left1159 Doyen rib rispatory child, curved to right1160 Doyen rib rispatory adult , curved to right1161 Doyen rib rispatory adult , curved to left1162 Hill nasal raspatory double ended1163 Howarth nasal raspatory double ended1164 Mitchell tremmer double ended1165 Septum raspatory1166 Barsky nasal raspatory1167 Barsky glabeliar raspatory1168 Jackson nasal raspatory1169 Maltz nasal raspatory straight deep cut sensation1170 Maltz nasal raspatory straight curved1171 Mcindoe nasal raspatory straight reveres cutting teeth1172 Peet nasal-raspatory straight1173 Peet nasal-raspatory curved1174 Elevator double ended spoon shaped1175 Elevotors double ended anglod R&D1176 Elevators double ended angled R&O side on flat1177 Elevators barsky pharyngeal flap1178 Hooks & Retractors : Campbell skin hook1179 Desmarres eye lidretrastors 1.5 cm1180 Desmarres eye lidretrastors 1.3 cm1181 Desmarres eye lidretrastors 1.1 cm1182 Eddy parotid retractors1183 Gillies skin hook1184 Harison tender hook 1.5cm1185 Joseph double hook skin retractor1186 Kilner retractor 1.5 cm1187 Kilner retractor1.3 cm1188 Kilner retractor 1.1 cm1189 Kilner skin hook1190 Kilner skin retractor double ended light Wt1191 Mustarce effect tarce crbital retractor set1192 Arm retractor1193 Skin hook 16 cm82 of 218

1194 Cat baw skin retractor double ended 16cm1195 Volkman retractor 20cm sharp 1 hook1196 Volkman retractor 20cm blunt 1hook1197 Volkman retractor 20cm Sharp 2hooks1198 Volkman retractor 20cm blunt 2 hook1199 Volkman retractors, Sharp 3 hooks1200 Volkman retractors, Blunt 3 hooks1201 Volkman retractors, Sharp 4 hooks1202 Volkman retractors, Blunt 4 hooks1203 Abdominal retractor1204 Yanco skin abdominal plasty retractor 15cm1205 Mathlew retractor double end1206 Mathlew retractor sharp prongs1207 Mathlew retractor bhint prongs1208 Kilner skin retractor double ended light Wt1209 Retractor alar kilner & Aufricht's nasal retractor1210 Mustarde offset orbital1211 Fine wound retractor (Dura-& skin retractor)1212 Skin retractor1213 Retractors1214 Implants & Silastics :Collagen Injections1215 Tissue expander1216 Breast implant1217 Silicone chin implant large, medium small1218 Silicone testide1219 Silicone Ear implant L&R1220 Prolene mesh sheet1221 Join prosthesis (hand )1222 Medical Make up (lydia olary)1223 Miscellaneous :Suture dispensing & cabinet (ethicone)1224 Ligating clips small ,medium , large1225 Applicator -for clips 25 cm1226 Clip removal 15 cm1227 Forceps :Tungesten carbide jaw 25 cm , 1.8mm1228 Tungesten carbide jaw 14.5 cm , 1.8mm1229 Adson dissecting forceps tungestin carbide jaw1230 Micro suturing tieing forceps1231 Micro suturing tieng forceps 15cm straight1232 Micro suturing tieing forceps 12cm curved1233 Micro Adson forceps 12cm1234 Micro groove dissecting forceps1235 Micro groove dissecting forceps curved jaw1236 Micro groove dissecting foreeps microscopic standard1237 Micro groove dissecting forceps1238 Micro- Jeweller forceps straight 12.5cm1239 Micro - Jeweller forceps 11.5cm1240 Micro- Jeweller forceps angled on flat1241 Micro- Jeweller forceps 11cm1242 Adson disseching ultra light Wt, non toothed1243 Barsky lighature serrated jaw1244 Brown-Adson , multiple teeth1245 Evans Mclndoe dissecting forceps1246 Gillies dissecting forceps1247 Harrison dissecting forceps fine serrated jaws1248 Micro jewller forceps straight 12,5cm1249 Micro jewller forceps straight 11.5cm83 of 218

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