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Kuhn vs Popper - About James H. Collier

Kuhn vs Popper - About James H. Collier

power.) In contrast, by

power.) In contrast, by refusing to make theirmistakes in public, the Frankfurt School ensuredthat the revolution would remain indefinitelydeferred. However, this central weakness in theleft’s political rationality never fully surfaced in thePositivismusstreit. Instead, the point of rupturebetween Popper and Adorno turned more directlyon differences over manner of expression.152

. CHAPTER 14 .POPPER AND ADORNO DIVIDED:THE RATIONALIST LEFTHAUNTED BY HISTORICISMIs it not possible, or even likely, that contemporaryscientists know less of what there is to know abouttheir world than the scientists of the 18th centuryknew of theirs? Scientific theories, it must beremembered, attach to nature only here and there.Are the interstices between those points of attachmentperhaps now larger and more numerous thanever before?Thomas Kuhn, ‘Logic of Discoveryor Psychology of Research?’The opaqueness of astrology is nothing but theopaqueness prevailing between various scientificareas that cannot be meaningfully broughttogether. Thus one might say that irrationality isin itself the outgrowth of the principle of rationalizationsthat was evolved for the sake of higherefficiency, the division of labor. What Spenglercalls ‘the modern caveman’ dwells in the cavity, as153

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