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REDOX & Electrochemistry - LSU Chemistry

REDOX & Electrochemistry - LSU Chemistry


REDOX 14To harness the intrinsic chemical energy stored inthese oxidizing and reducing agents, we mustseparate them to force the electrons to flow thoughan external circuit and do some work.flow of electronsANODEoxidationsalt bridge orsemi-permeable membraneZn 2+ Zn 2+ Cl -ZnCl - Cl -Zn 2+ Cl -Cl - Zn 2+Zn 2+ Cl -Cl -Cl -Cl - Anion flowCu 2+Cu 2+Cl - Cl -Cu 2+ Cu 2+Cu 2+Cl - Cl - Cl -CuCuCuCuCuCuCuCuCATHODEreductionRed Cat = Reduction occurs at Cathode

There are different configurations of liquidgalvanic cells that one can setup:REDOX 15flow of electronssalt bridge orsemi-permeable membraneCu 2+Zn 2+ Zn 2+ Cl -ZnCl - Cl - Cu 2+Zn 2+ Cl -Cu 2+Cl - Cl - Zn 2+Zn 2+ Cl - Cu 2+Cl -Cu 2+Cl - Anion flowANODEoxidationCl - Cl -Cl - Cl - Cl -Cu CuCuCuCuCuCu CuCATHODEreductionsemipermeablemembraneflow of electronsflow of electronsZnANODEoxidationZnANODEoxidationAnion flowsalt bridgeCATHODEreductionCuCATHODEreductionDaniell Cell

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