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Spring 2011 - Arun & Adur CAMRA

Spring 2011 - Arun & Adur CAMRA

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Bru NewsBru NewsThe Sussex Breweries PagesInformation here is mostly fromSussex Branches’ Liaison Meetingon 15 January, by Brewery LiaisonOfficers named at the end. TheBrewery Liaison Coordinator forSussex, Kent and Surrey is PeterPage-Mitchell.1648 BREWING Coat The Kings Head, East Hoathly,01825 sales suffered a little duringthe snow at the end of December,the brewery had a good last quarterof 2010 with sales up on theprevious year. Only eleven differentbrews in bottle were completed byChristmas. The intended twelfthwas postponed as it was uncertainwhether the bottling boys wouldable to get in due to the snow. It ishoped to have finished the finalbrew for bottling sometime in theNew Year. The future of 1648 islooking very promising; “we will bemaking a decision very soon as towhether we look at expanding thebrewery or plough on for anotheryear as we are”, said the headbrewer, proving that the demandfor real ale is on the up!Phil CozensadurSteyning, 01273 467527.www.adurbrewery.comHopheads were pleased to learnin November that Adur’s HopToken range had doubled with theintroduction of Hop Token:Summit to run alongside the existing,very popular, Hop Token:Amarillo. Summit is also a 4%best bitter but this unusual dwarfhop, developed in the USA since2003 so still new to the market,has one of the highest percentagesof alpha acids, giving it a good‘bite’. We have yet to produceformal tasting notes; however, theconsensus is that the Summit hopsare very effective in bittering thebrew and giving hints of tangerineto the aroma and flavour.The Merry Andrew range alsodoubled when introduced in timefor Christmas was Very MerryAndrew. This 9.2% premiumbeer is expensive to produce,using large quantities of costly ingredientsto create a mass ofcomplex flavours. It is supplied innumbered bottles recording detailsof the brew. The intentionwas to lay some down for salenext year as a vintage ale, but demandwas such that the originalbatch sold out and a second brewhad to be produced. Another newbeer was created in January, readyto celebrate the Royal Wedding -although it would be attractive forcelebrating any wedding, even ifyou don’t have royal connections!This 5.0% golden ale, namedHappily Ever After is availablenow in both bottle- and caskconditionedform.John Simpsonanchor springsLittlehampton, 01903 715111.A new brewer has been appointedand two test brews a week aretaking place, the latest beingLittlehampton PA (3.7%).Supplies to the brewery tap, theCrown, Littlehampton, havetherefore improved.Bruce BirdarundelFord, nr Arundel, 01903 company’s new 20 barrelbrewing plant has now been installed,really looks ‘the business’, and whilea few extra bits and pieces are beingfabricated in order to achieve furtherimprovements, it is now in fullproduction. Work on a new, largercold store is due to start in February.The bottled beers are now beingsupplied in new, slightly taller bottlesthat use less glass, weigh less and soare more environmentally friendly.The labels have been re-shaped butessentially remain as before, althoughJez Owen, the MD, intends tomove from black to white paper inorder to make the colours stand outmore. The demand for cask hasgrown to such an extent this yearthat the percentage of sales in bottleshas declined, despite holding14Sussex Drinker: Spring 2011

firm in terms of volumes. The greatthing about the new plant is that ithas eliminated the need to brewtwice a day. Such was the demandfor the core beers this summer thatfew of the seasonal beers could bebrewed, but they are all now backin production. A large batch of thewinter brew, Old Scrooge (in excellentform this year), has just gone offto J D Wetherspoons, while in thenew year the brewery will besupplying JDW with Trident fromJanuary to March, and then PrizeFighter for their spring beer festival.As I write this report, the team isworking flat out to meet theseasonal demand. I will not be at allsurprised if this turns out to be thebrewery’s most successful year to date.Jeff Vinterballard’sNyewood, 01730 report.Barry Woodwardbeachy headEast Dean, 01323 Christmas sales reported atall outlets: Christmas Jumper wascompletely sold out. The breweryis now on the SIBA list and a newconsignment of casks has been orderedto cope with the anticipatedincrease in production.Tony Harmandark starPartridge Green, 01403 TwitterBusy, busy, busy. The year endagain caught the brewery by surprisewith lots of last minute deadlines,which miraculously were allmet but not without a few latenights. None of this was helpedby the snow which did its best toprevent the draymen from gettingout and about – but succeededonly in slowing them down a bit.The beer list for 2011 has beendistributed and is available in manypubs and, of course, the brewery.The year starts with a very specialbrew concocted by beer writerand brewster Melissa Cole. In yetanother attempt to avoid beingstereotyped, this M&M SpecialPorter (Mark & Melissa – get it?) isdark, mild and smokey withoutany hint of “new world” style [Ed’snote – there are also mocha andvanilla versions]. In March therewill be another version of Hophead,this time using Citra as thesole hop; there’s a Maibock inApril (yes, they can see the contradictionbut this enables them to dotheir popular Victorian Mild in May).A couple of name changes towatch out for: Best Bitter becomesPartridge Best Bitter, andIPA is now c.1790 IPA in an allusionto the heritage of real IPAs beforethe plethora of low gravity, mildand even black varieties. Thewebsite, being five years old, isnow officially antediluvian and willbe changed to reflect the newmedia age with blogs and twitterlinks and even a mobile phoneapp. Meanwhile the brewing blogcan be found at in his notice, without adate on it, several months earlier,George Juniper who has beenone of the brewing team for thepast four years, has finally organisedthe requisite visa and has setBru Newssail to Japan to brew beers there.Further in keeping with Dark Star’smulti-nationalism in beer stylesand all other things, George’splace has been taken by Aussiebrewer Josh Blythe.Stuart Elmsfallen angelEast Hoathly, 01825 841307.www.fallenangelbrewery.comFollowing a very busy andsuccessful 2010 a substantialinvestment has been made intothe business and during Januaryand February 2011 a significantexpansion of the brewing facilitiesis taking place. The brewplant isbeing upgraded so as to triple thesize of each brew and newfermentation and cooling equipmentis being installed to improve qualityand consistency of the beer.Watch the web site for furtherdetails as the new plant comes onstream. The increased capacitywill dramatically increase the productionof cask ale and the breweryhas also increased its cask populationso that around 30 casks eachweek can now be supplied risingto 50 casks each week by themiddle of the summer. Two newbottled products are planned forlaunch so this is a very excitingtime for the brewery.Bill Laytonfiloat The First In Last Out, Hastings,01424 425079. Crofters (3.8%, all year);Ginger Tom (4.5%, brewed withorganic ginger, all year); Gold(4.8%, normally a premium summerale); Cardinal (4.6%, brewedas a dark winter beer); Mike’scontinued overleaf >Sussex Drinker: Winter 2010 15

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