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Spring 2011 - Arun & Adur CAMRA

Spring 2011 - Arun & Adur CAMRA

Bru News - continuedMild

Bru News - continuedMild (3.4%, a dark summer mild);Texas Tea (5%, dark winter ale).2010 was a good year for thebrewery and plans are well underwayfor a move to new premisesin the next few months.The additional capacity will enableexpansion of the off-sales side ofthe business during 2011. Thebrewpub’s next beer festival isplanned for the Easter weekend(see website nearer the time forfull details).Bill Turnerfull moonCatsfield, 07832 220745.No new news.BLO TBCgribbleat the Gribble Inn, Oving, nrChichester, 01243 a good Christmas thefollowing beers are available in theGribble Inn on the same site:Fuzzy Duck (4.3%), Gribble Ale(4.1%, a good session bitter), ChiIPA (3.7%), Pig’s Ear (6.0%),Plucking Pheasant (5.0%), Reg’sTipple (5.0%, a popular strongbitter) and Wobbler (7.4%, theseasonal winter ale). Plans are tobrew Pukka Mild (3.5%) again inMay and produce the tasty fourhoppedQuadhopper (4.4%) laterin the year as a further seasonal offering.Brewing continues steadily.Chris WrighthammerpotPoling, nr Arundel, was a good solid year forthe brewery, pretty well all of itsbeer runs being pre-sold and thenumber of outlets expanded.Optimism is high for 2011,especially as Bottle Wreck Porterin particular continues to be in therunning for recognition up anddown the country. Meteor hasbeen discontinued due to pressureover its name from the largeFrench brewery whose full title isBrasserie Alsacienne IndependanteMeteor a Hochfelden (!).It will be replaced in time with anew, lighter brew, yet to benamed. Hammerpot is currentlyexpanding its activities into associatedproducts; a beer-flavouredmustard and, more unusually, abeer-flavoured marmalade, bothmade by specialists in the field, arein production and on sale at somelocal outlets. The very last cask ofthis season’s run of Shepherd’sWarmer will be sold at the SeldenArms beer festival in the lastweekend of January.Tim WalkerharveysLewes, 01273 requests from tenants, aseasonal brew to start the NewYear should be in the tied estatenow. Called Ration Ale, at 2.7%,it is based on a recipe of a beer lastbrewed between 1939 and 1950.The launch of the microbreweryshould also take place in the NewYear. Miles intends to start with anAudit Ale at 7.0% to signify “takingstock”. He says it will be a style ofbeer he has long thought of doing,but he has not revealed what thatis! He also plans to produce a RoyalWedding Ale (now there’s a surprise!),while Lewes Castle BrownAle will be available as a seasonal inAugust. It is intended to re-launchthe Harvey Hop this year. Therewill be an event for existing hoppersin April; then it will be a case ofstarting from scratch with two newhops, east and west, plus a specialaward for those completing both.The exact details of how it willwork have still to be finalised. Mileshopes that the new format will notonly make the Hop less onerousbut also less open to abuse. TheGolden Cross pub, sold earlier inthe year, has reopened as a freehouse. At the time of writing thereis no confirmed date for Harveysrelinquishing the lease on theTrevor Arms. However, by thetime you read this, the takeover byTony and Dom from the Snowdrop,Lewes should have occurred.Finally, a quote from Miles: “As Iapproach my 25th year as HeadBrewer, I am fired with renewedvigour. Lots to achieve still, but itwill be good fun and, as ever, I willlook forward to working with you”.Jack WilkinsonHASTINGSBREWERY LTDHastings, 07708 259342;01424 the success of the firstbrew of Best, a second brew hasbeen produced together with twonew beers; Blonde at 3.7% hasCascade hops, Maris Otter Paleand Crystal malts with elderfloweradded; Ginger Bitter at 3.6% usesthe same malts with Fuggles andEast Kent Goldings hops andginger added. The first tasting ofthese two new beers wasexcellent and, again, the DrippingSpring was first to offer these.Peter Page-Mitchell16Sussex Drinker: Spring 2011

hepworthHorsham, 01403 bad weather in Decembercaused sales to increase locally.The decision by Waverley-TBS toclose its Hailsham distribution centreresulted in the snowy conditionsmaking it impossible tosupply its Horsham outlets fromthe surviving depot at Eastleigh,Hampshire. Needless to say Hepworthwas there to ride to therescue. The brewery is currentlyenjoying a 6% increase in salesover the same quarter last year.One thousand 30-litre containers(6,600 gallons) of Russian Stoutwere shipped recently toMoscow, as part of Hepworth’son-going contract to supply theRussian capital with quality stout.Talking of quality stout, the brewerywas well received at the BBCGood Food Show in Olympiaduring November, and its RussianStout, which now carries theUK-name of Conqueror Stout,was highly praised. Plans are tolaunch the product, in bottledform, during April. 21 Februarymarked the tenth birthday ofHepworth and Co. Andy plans tocelebrate by producing 3,652bottles of Ten Year Beer. The3652 figure represents, of course,the number of days in ten years.The bottles are to be given awayto deserving friends of the brewery.Hove Beer Festival in Marchwill be offered a couple of firkinsof the 6.5% Birthday Brew.Hepworth’s are in the finals of the‘Sussex Drink Producer of theYear’ competition. The result is tobe known at the end of January2011. It is the fourth time thebrewery has been in the final ofthis competition, having won it, ofcourse, in 2008 and 2010.John KellerKEMPTOWNat The Hand in Hand, Brighton,01273 699595.Brewing continues at the Hand inHand.Jim Hawkinsw j king & coHorsham, 01403 continue to grow strongly,with December seeing particularlygood sales through pubs and thebrewery shop. Despite the badweather, the team managed tomake all of its December deliveries,with Ian’s 4x4 proving invaluable.The cold store has now beenextended and a new shop openedat the rear of the building, withmuch-needed improved signage.The website is being redesignedover the next couple of months,and an online shop is now up andrunning through it. Beer can nowbe ordered in 5-litre mini-kegs.Following the huge success oftheir first new beer, BrightonBest, the team have launchedBrighton Blond, a light, crisp andhoppy 3.9% ale, not dissimilar toDark Star Hophead. Both newbeers will initially be available in anumber of Brighton pubs, as listedat Best and Red Riverremain extremely popular, andcontinue to be brewed to thesame recipe and productionmethod. In addition to Old Ale,the seasonal ales for January willbe Mallard and Winter’s T’Ale,followed by Scrummy and FiveGenerations in February andGreen Bullet and Spring in March.Look out for a possible additionalnew seasonal beer in March, thefirst of three new beers plannedBru News - continuedfor 2011. STOP PRESS: Old Alehas won the Silver Medal in theold ales and strong milds categoryat the National Winter Ales Festival,Manchester – congratulations!Mike HeadKissingateLower Beeding, 07909 brewery continues to expandtheir family of ales and it was greatto try them all at Kissingate’s officialOpen Day back in December.Despite the snow and ice the turnout was impressive! Their latestcreation, Storyteller, is wonderfullylight and refreshing at 3.5%.Gary says that he thought longand hard about the recipe andwanted to craft a truly meaningfulsession ale. For those of us whohave tried it we can say, missionaccomplished! After only threemonths of production the BlackCherry Mild has been a greatsuccess and Gary says he is workingunreasonably long hours to keepup with demand. It is hearteningto see the revival of mild ale andwe look forward to Mild Week tobe held in May at the Swan inWest Green, Crawley.The brewery is currently supplyingselected pubs and outlets fromNorth London to the Sussexcoast. Their entire range of aleshas been showcased at therecently opened Good Companions,Brighton, where at least twoare kept on the pump as regulars.The Swan, Crawley, continues ofcourse to ‘fly the flag’ for theKissingate and Gary brewed anotherSwan special ChristmasSpirit at 6.8%.Gary Greencontinued overleaf >Sussex Drinker: Spring 2011 17

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