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Spring 2011 - Arun & Adur CAMRA

Spring 2011 - Arun & Adur CAMRA

Ballard’s Charity Walk

Ballard’s Charity Walk 2010Sunday 5 December, Ballard’s brewery, Nyewood.Fortunately, the heavy snow from earlier in theweek had largely cleared. It was still pretty coldbut the biting north-east wind had eased. Undeterred,the crowd in the brewery yard was largerthan last year. Pete Brown had again organised aclassic coach to collect Western Sussex members,their friends and a strong cohort from ChichesterHockey Club. As planned we were delivered to thebrewery ready for the day’s muddy adventure.Fran’s new winter brew was ready, as usual called‘Bob’ until formally named on the day of the walk.This year’s topical name was ‘Odd Couple’. Basedon Wassail and at 8.9%, it packed a fair punch.Dark and heavy it seemed well received and I amtold the draught beer was gone within a week,though still available bottled. As usual the localScouts were frying Sausages and Bacon, whilst amusician extracted a jolly tune from a rather smallaccordion. Anoraks, scarves and boots all ready,the scene was set.Deciding to follow the usual route, most set offacross the boggy fields (pictured) to the ThreeHorseshoes, Elsted. Others opted for the ElstedInn, the Southdowns Hotel and the Keepers Arms,Trotton, all excellent local pubs offering walkers agreat choice of beers. Late in the afternoon as thelight faded, the coach took us to the White Horse,Rogate. More good beer and a big log fire to chaseaway the winter cold. A quick pint and then on tothe Country Inn, Bepton at which Ballard’s MidhurstMild deserves a mention, about as good asmild can be. After a bit of a sing-along by the fire,back on the coach and homeward, tired andmuddy, but no longer thirsty at the end of a terrificday. Special thanks go to Carola, Fran and Pete.Barry Woodward30 Sussex Drinker: Spring 2011

POLAR BEAR ON ICENewsfrozen asset. Help us get herback to service as quickly aspossible. Donations may bemade by cheque payable to‘Polar Bear Restoration Fund’.If you are a UK tax payer thenplease go toAmberley Museum’s locomotive PolarBear, built 1905 and from the GroudleGlen Railway on the Isle of Man, is afirm favourite with all the museum visitors,especially the younger generation, and isprobably the locomotive most associated withAmberley. But, with expiry of the boiler certificateat the end of this season, Polar Bear (picturedon tracks and bottle labels) will no longer beable to entertain our visitors and is in dangerof becoming ‘stuffed and mounted’ if the fundscannot be found for essential repairs to theboiler and to the motion to be undertaken.The museum’s railway volunteers are spearheadingan appeal to raise this money andalready several of the railway volunteersthemselves have pledged sums to get the fundstarted. This is where we hope you will be ableto help. For example, you could sponsor aboiler tube for £40, or how about £100 for thecasting of a new bronze axle bearing?Whatever your means any amount will help.There’s more - anyone donating £500 or moremay, if they wish, have their name added to aroll of honour which will be displayed in ourExhibition Building for the duration of the lifeof the repaired boiler’s certificate once it isissued. Anyone donating £100 or more willreceive free entry to the museum for 12months. Please don’t let Polar Bear become a and download the Gift Aidform which will enable us to enhance your donationby as much as 28%. Your donation andGift Aid form (if applicable) should then besent to Gerry Cork (PB Fund), 4 Lincoln Road,Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 1BQ.Jim HawkinsSTAR BEHINDTHE BARPictured here in hisfamiliar habitat, servingat the award-winningStanley Arms,Portslade, our spring star isBadger. After an early introductionto beer – he was brewing his own bythe age of fourteen – Badger started taking aninterest in real ale about 1981. He joined theoriginal David Bruce Firkin Club at same timeas he did CAMRA, in 1985/6.After doing the rounds of beer festivals overthe years, he eventually worked at few includingthe GBBF at Olympia, 1992. From1995-2000 he went through his scoopingphase of real beer in plastic bottles. After acider-y conversation with Roy Bond, Badgerbegan working at the Stanley Arms in 2000.The rest, as they say, is history.Sussex Drinker: Spring 2011 31

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